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REMKO KWG 1905-3305 SLN SERIES Chillers for cooling

Variant EDV-Nr. Nominal cooling capacity
KWG 1905 SLN 1677030 194,4 kW
KWG 2105 SLN 1677035 207,2 kW
KWG 2305 SLN 1677040 227,2 kW
KWG 2655 SLN 1677045 269,3 kW
KWG 2955 SLN 1677050 287,4 kW
KWG 3305 SLN 1677055 322,8 kW


REMKO KWG 1905-3305 SLN SERIES Chillers for cooling

In a modular design and super-low-noise version

The units of the KWG 1905-3305 series, with an output range between 194.4 and 322.8 kW, are particularly compact and quiet air-cooled chillers for outdoor installation. The units of the KWG series can be optionally configured with various hydraulic equipment, thereby enabling an optimum adaptation to the respective application.

The interaction from the optimisation of the heat exchanger surfaces, use of highly efficient components and the optimisation of all operation-related system parameters ensure that the units have a very high degree of efficiency and therefore correspond with the pertinent requirements of the Eco-Design Directive.

  • Noise-optimised Super-Low-Noise version
  • Hydraulic components individually configurable
  • Multi-stage power control
  • Floating switch contacts for integration into a building control system
  • Modbus data protocol, standard version
  • Extensive accessories for individual unit configuration
  • Units are ErP-compliant according to the Eco-Design Directive

Technical data

VariantKWG 1905 SLNKWG 2105 SLNKWG 2305 SLNKWG 2655 SLNKWG 2955 SLNKWG 3305 SLN
Nominal pressure loss, internal ²)42,1 kPa42,1 kPa41,8 kPa48,9 kPa48,1 kPa49,5 kPa
Nominal cooling capacity194,4 kW207,2 kW227,2 kW269,3 kW287,4 kW322,8 kW
Energy efficiency ratio EER2,7 2,75 2,72 2,77 2,69 2,69
SEER4,08 4,12 4,19 4,03 3,96 3,87
Degree of effective use of room cooling160 %162 %165 %158 %155 %152 %
Cooling return adjusting range+10 bis +18 °C+10 bis +18 °C+10 bis +18 °C+10 bis +18 °C+10 bis +18 °C+10 bis +18 °C
Operating range, cooling+15 bis +45 °C+15 bis +45 °C+15 bis +45 °C+15 bis +45 °C+15 bis +45 °C+15 bis +45 °C
Operating range, cooling (expansion)-15 bis +45 °C-15 bis +45 °C-15 bis +45 °C-15 bis +45 °C-15 bis +45 °C-15 bis +45 °C
Number of cooling circuits2 2 2 2 2 2
RefrigerantR410A R410A R410A R410A R410A R410A
GWP value2088 2088 2088 2088 2088 2088
Refrigerant, basic capacity2x 15,6 kg2x 17,58 kg2x 22,18 kg2x 21,95 kg2x 22,91 kg2x 29,99 kg
CO2 Equivalent2x 31,66 t2x 36,71 t2x 46,31 t2x 45,83 t2x 47,84 t2x 62,62 t
Compressor, number/type6/Scroll 6/Scroll 6/Scroll 4/Scroll 4/Scroll 4/Scroll
Air volume max.69100 m³/h69100 m³/h69100 m³/h101700 m³/h101700 m³/h123000 m³/h
Number of fans4 4 4 6 6 6
Sound pressure level54,9 dB(A)54,9 dB(A)56,4 dB(A)58,7 dB(A)58,7 dB(A)60,2 dB(A)
Soundpower level82,9 dB(A)82,9 dB(A)84,3 dB(A)86,7 dB(A)86,7 dB(A)88,2 dB(A)
Voltage supply400/3~/50 V/Ph/Hz400/3~/50 V/Ph/Hz400/3~/50 V/Ph/Hz400/3~/50 V/Ph/Hz400/3~/50 V/Ph/Hz400/3~/50 V/Ph/Hz
Protection classIP 24 IP 24 IP 24 IP 24 IP 24 IP 24
Electrical nominal power consumption, cooling69,54 kW72,74 kW81,05 kW94,06 kW103,66 kW116,27 kW
Electrical nominal current consumption, cooling135,0 A142,0 A158,0 A184,0 A202,0 A227,0 A
Max. electrical starting current277,0 A311,0 A327,0 A454,0 A472,0 A498,0 A
Operation pressure max. agent600 kPa600 kPa600 kPa600 kPa600 kPa600 kPa
Nominal volume flow rate, medium33,4 m³/h35,6 m³/h39,1 m³/h46,3 m³/h49,4 m³/h55,5 m³/h
Min. medium flow26,4 m³/h28,9 m³/h31,6 m³/h36,4 m³/h40,6 m³/h45,0 m³/h
Maximum volume flow medium39,6 m³/h43,3 m³/h47,4 m³/h54,4 m³/h60,8 m³/h67,4 m³/h
Pipe connection, medium-side inlet/outlet3 inch3 inch3 inch4 inch4 inch4 inch
Medium connections3 inch3 inch3 inch4 inch4 inch4 inch
Dimsensions h/w/d2270/2205/4118 mm2270/2205/4118 mm2270/2205/4118 mm2270/2205/5120 mm2270/2205/5120 mm2270/2205/5120 mm
Weight1815,1 kg1900,4 kg1922,7 kg2380,6 kg2466,4 kg2494,4 kg
Serial colourähnlich RAL 9018 ähnlich RAL 9018 ähnlich RAL 9018 ähnlich RAL 9018 ähnlich RAL 9018 ähnlich RAL 9018

Accessories / Spare parts

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REMKO KWG 1905 SLN jpg, 556,721,000.0
REMKO KWG 1905 SLN jpg, 108,700,000.0
REMKO KWG 1905 SLN jpg, 152,032,000.0
REMKO KWG 1905 SLN jpg, 126,470,000.0

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