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REMKO KWG 505-1755 SLN SERIES Chillers for cooling

Variant EDV-Nr. Nominal cooling capacity
KWG 505 SLN 1676510 47,9 kW
KWG 605 SLN 1676610 59,2 kW
KWG 755 SLN 1676760 73,4 kW
KWG 855 SLN 1676860 85,3 kW
KWG 955 SLN 1676960 93,6 kW
KWG 1105 SLN 1671110 109,1 kW
KWG 1305 SLN 1671310 126,5 kW
KWG 1505 SLN 1671510 146,6 kW
KWG 1755 SLN 1671760 160,3 kW



In a modular design and Super-Low-Noise version

The units of the KWG 505-1755 SLN series, with an output range between 47.9 and 160.3 kW, are particularly compact and quiet air-cooled chillers for outdoor installation. The units of the KWG series can be optionally configured with various hydraulic equipment, thereby enabling an optimum adaptation to the respective application.

In addition, the units have state-of-the-art, energy-efficient EC fans in the standard version. These fans provide considerable cost savings in comparison with conventional AC technology, especially in the partial load range. The interaction from the optimisation of the heat exchanger surfaces, use of highly efficient components and the optimisation of all operation-related system parameters ensure that the units have a very high degree of efficiency and therefore correspond with the pertinent requirements of the Eco-Design Directive.

  • Noise-optimised Super-Low-Noise version
  • Hydraulic components individually configurable
  • Multi-stage power control
  • EC fans, standard version
  • Floating switch contacts for integration into a building control system
  • Modbus data protocol, standard version
  • Extensive accessories for individual unit configuration
  • Units are ErP-compliant according to the Eco-Design Directive

Technical data

Variant KWG 505 SLN KWG 605 SLN KWG 755 SLN KWG 855 SLN KWG 955 SLN KWG 1105 SLN KWG 1305 SLN KWG 1505 SLN KWG 1755 SLN

Accessories / Spare parts

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Assembly drawings
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