MKT SERIES - Bild 56703 MKT SERIES - Bild 56704

REMKO MKT SERIES Local air conditioners in compact design

Variant EDV-Nr. Cooling capacity
MKT 251
MKT 251 S-Line
2,6 kW
MKT 291
MKT 291 S-Line
2,9 kW



Ready to use anytime, anywhere - no installation needed

The MKT series local air conditioner is ideal if you need a flexible air-conditioning solution. The S-Line convinces with its modern optics in a trendy silver colour. This unit, with its four wheels and flexible air outlet hose, can be used anywhere. You just need a place to plug it in. Its high cooling capacity ensures that heat remains outside. All functions are controlled electronically.

  • High cooling capacity
  • Ready for immediate operation
  • Digital display of temperature and timer time
  • Programmable timer function for activation and deactivation times
  • Lightweight, requiring minimum space for setup
  • Removable air filter
  • 3 fan speeds
  • With infrared remote control in standard design
  • Automatic condensate removal
  • Compact design
  • Display of operating state via LED

Technical data

Variant MKT 251
MKT 251 S-Line
MKT 291
MKT 291 S-Line
Cooling capacity 2,6 kW 2,9 kW
Energy efficiency rating cooling A A
EER 2,6 2,6
Energy consumption per hour in cooling mode 0,99 kWh/60m. 1,11 kWh/60m.
Refrigerant R410A R410A
GWP value 2088 2088
Refrigerant, basic charge 0,58 kg 0,62 kg
CO2 Equivalent 1,21 t 1,29 t
Power supply 230/1~/50 V/Ph/Hz 230/1~/50 V/Ph/Hz
sound pressure level indoor unit each mode 49/52/53 dB(A) 49/53/54 dB(A)
Soundpower level max. indoor-/outdoor unit 62 dB(A) 64 dB(A)
max. length of exhaust duct 1500 mm 1500 mm
diameter of exhaust duct 150 mm 150 mm
Dimensions h/w/d 770/435/430 mm 770/435/430 mm
weight indoor-/outdoor unit 33,0 kg 33,0 kg

Accessories / Spare parts

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User manuals

User manuals

Energy labels

Energy labels

Declarations of conformity

Declarations of conformity

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Cooling load calculation for air-conditioners

The following rule of thumb applies when calculating the cooling capacity:
Approximately 30 W of cooling capacity are required per cubic meter. The cooling capacity for a room with a surface area of 28 m2 and height of 2.5 m can be calculated as follows:

28 m2 x 2,5 m x 30 W/m3 = 2.100 Watt (2,1 kW)

We recommend that you always calculate the cooling capacity for the room precisely.

Cooling load calculation Calculate required cooling capacity

Cooling load calculation