VRF multifunctional air-conditioning systems Flexible system solution for large buildings and building storeys

The flexible air-conditioning system for sophisticated construction projects

For the realisation of complex air-conditioning concepts, REMKO offers an efficient and flexible system solution in the form of the VRF multifunctional air-conditioning system of the MVV series. During the operation of conventional single-split air-conditioning systems, it is necessary to install an outdoor unit for every indoor unit installed. Greater area and line requirements are the result. This is where the VRF multifunctional air-conditioning system begins. With only one efficient outdoor inverter unit, the system can operate up to ten indoor units. For the cooling and heating operation of all indoor units, only 2 refrigerant lines must be installed. This minimises the planning effort, costs, and time. You thus achieve the highest degree of efficiency and flexibility.

  • Maximum refrigerant line length 200 m
  • Cooling or heating of up to 20 rooms
  • Easy installation of the dualconductor technology 
  • Efficient inverter technology
  • Centralized control of all indoor units
  • Up to 40 kW cooling capacity available in Duo mode

Double power ahead!

In case more output is required, REMKO offers the VRF multifunctional air-conditioning system DUO. With this system, the total output and number of indoor units to be operated double. 24 kW, 31 kW, or 40 kW cooling output guarantees that up to 20 indoor units can be operated at once. 

REMKO Smart-Control Touch SC-1 The smart controller for your air-conditioning system

REMKO Smart-Control Touch enables the control of all airconditioners in your home. Operation is possible from the central controller or using the mobile Smart-Web function from anywhere.

Using the intuitive user interface, time programs can be set for individual units or groups. In the process, the individual nomenclature provides the necessary overview. The Smart-Control Touch controller is integrated into your in-house Wi-Fi network. In connection with REMKO Smart-Web, all settings, such as reaching or changing the current room temperature, can be carried out conveniently using the mobile telephone or tablet.

The smart controller offers you a multitude of setting options that simplify the air-conditioning of your home.

  • Compatible with unit types ML, RVD, RXT, MXW, MXD, MVD, MVW and MVV
  • Control of up to 64 indoor units
  • Installation using bus line
  • Internet integration thanks to built-in Wi-Fi module or RJ45 network cable
  • REMKO Smart-Web for mobile use - included
  • Creation of time programs
  • E-mail notification in case of a malfunction
  • Automatic switchover from cooling to heating depending on the outdoor temperature

Product range VRF multifunctional air-conditioning systems

CheckServ - Customer service

For technical equipment handover, maintenance and completion of the air conditioning systems, you can add in the service CheckServ. REMKO supports you from planning to technical device handover to maintenance. This complete chain of services makes it easy to install even complex air conditioning systems.

CheckServ Technical equipment handover and maintenance