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REMKO dehumidifiers Product series at a glance

Dehumidifiers So that moisture does not become a problem

In humid or poorly ventilated areas such as cellars, garages and bathrooms, dehumidifiers prevent moisture from penetrating into windows or walls. In this way, the use of dehumidifiers prevents damp spots, musty odors and dangerous mildew.

Dehumidifiers also perform well in eliminating water damage after pipe bursts or flooding. Furthermore, they are used in the drying of walls and floors after construction and renovation work.

The accelerated drying of wet screed and plaster can avoid costly work interruptions on construction sites. The risk of mold growth is minimized and the building is ready more quickly for further work.

How dehumidifiers work

The humid room air is drawn in by the recirculation fan. Inside the unit, the evaporator ensures that the room air is cooled significantly and thus dehumidified at the same time. The condenser heats the air again and releases it into the room. The moisture extracted from the air is collected as condensed water in the condensate container and discharged.

Pool dehumidifiers

Regulate moisture properly

A healthy indoor climate plays an important role especially in swimming pool halls and whirlpool rooms. This is because the constant evaporation of warm water in such places leads to an overall higher humidity.

Permanently moist and humid air in indoor areas reduces well-being, fogs windows and can lead to damage to interiors due to condensation. Therefore, the use of special pool dehumidifiers is recommended for an undisturbed wellness experience.

Your personal indoor climate oasis

Design a resort with a perfect, feel-good climate for you and your guests. Whether in hotels and spas with their own wellness activities, fitness rooms or exclusive private baths with whirlpools or swimming pools - the high-quality equipment can be subtly integrated into any environment. They are easy to install and work almost noiselessly.

The technology in detail

The moist air from the pool area is drawn in with the aid of a quiet fan. The air cools below the dew point as it passes through the evaporator and the water vapour condenses into water, which can then be discharged. The air, which is now dry, then flows through the condenser and is heated and returned to the pool building or bathroom. The units can be easily cleaned by removing the front cover.

High-performance fans

All-rounders on the construction site

In rough everyday work, they overcome every challenge. The high performance Turbo / Axial fans from REMKO are used for ventilation purposes in building construction and in building renovation. They ensure the transfer of cold and warm air and ensure the supply of fresh air.

If dust emissions occur during construction work, fans filter the air via a connecting dust bag. This reduces the dust load in the workplace and prevents further spreading of dust particles onto neighboring sites.

Useful additions for dehumidifying

Through optimal distribution of the room air, mobile high-performance fans increase the rate of evaporation. This speeds up the drying of the building after construction and renovation processes. The same applies to dehumidification after water damage due to pipe bursts or flooding.

These tough devices display an impressive high performance and a long service life. In conjunction with dehumidifiers and auxiliary heaters, they are a particularly effective means to significantly shorten the drying process.