Innovations An overview of our new products

Comfort air-conditioners

RVT series  |  Wall-mounted units with motion sensor

The inverter air conditioners are particularly efficient and environmentally friendly. With the help of the integrated motion sensor, the air flow can be directed away from or directed onto individuals. If no one is in the room, the device shuts down the power if necessary.

RVT series


ML series  |  New size with 7.2 kW cooling capacity

The units cool, filter and dehumidify humid air in the room. The inverter technology guarantees a comfortable room climate in combination with low energy costs.

ML series


RVS DC series  |  Chillers for cooling and heating

The sizes RVS 220-260 DC extend the existing RVS DC series for cooling capacities up to 26.0 kW. The units have a very high degree of efficiency and already correspond with the high energetic requirements of the Eco-Design Directive 2021.

RVS DC series


KWE Eco series  | Chillers for cooling

The KWE Eco series uses the climate-friendly refrigerant R452B and can be individually adapted to the respective application. Thanks to the selection of state-of-the-art components and the optimisation of all device parameters, the devices already comply with the energy requirements of the more stringent Eco-Design Directive from 01/01/2021.

KWE Eco series

Chilled water indoor units

KWD EC Coanda series  |  Ceiling cassettes with 360-degree air outlet

The ceiling cassettes use the physical properties of flowing air to evenly air-condition a room. A significantly more pleasant feelgood climate is created without drafts.

KWD EC Coanda

Arctic heat pumps

ML-ARCTIC series  |  Air/air heat pump for heating and cooling

The Arctic heat pump is ideal for heating individual rooms or small buildings - such as holiday homes - and boasts both low acquisition costs and low installation costs.

ML-ARCTIC series

Design hoods

WDH series  |  Design hoods for your outdoor unit

The REMKO design hood is the ideal accessory for optically upgrading the external module of your heat pump. With three design variants, the design hoods can be perfectly adapted to the environment.

Design hoods