Innovations An overview of our new products

Monobloc heat pumps Everything compact in a single unit

Compact, quiet to operate and easy to install - these properties characterize the LWM air/water heat pump in a monoblock design. Thanks to the newest refrigerant R454B, a water temperature of up to 65°C is achieved and maximum efficiency is guaranteed.


Monobloc heat pumps

Smart heat pumps The new heat pump saves space and installation effort

The WKF NEO compact series does not require a large mounting area due to its compact construction and integrated components. In connection with underfloor heating, this unit is perfectly suited for new buildings.


WKF NEO compact series

Aqua-Multiflex air-conditioning systems Environment-friendly cooling with water as the energy source

Aqua-Multiflex air-conditioning systems are a particularly environment-friendly and future-proof way to cool buildings. Since it is a water-guided system, installation can be carried out without extensive cooling system work.


Aqua-Multiflex air-conditioning systems

Monobloc air-conditioner The wall-mounted air conditioner without an outdoor unit

The compact air-conditioner of the KWT series persuades through state-of-the-art inverter technology. In the process, it does not need an outdoor unit. The unit is provided ready for plug-in with all mounting materials. This makes installation especially easy and flexible.


Pool dehumidifiers

Wall-mounted units in 2-pipe design with multifunctional control technology

The WLT EC series is equipped with modern, energy-efficient EC fans that guarantee a high degree of efficiency - especially in the partial load range. At the same time, the infinitely variable adaptation of the speed-controlled fans prevents strong temperature fluctuations, thereby guaranteeing optimum climatic comfort.


WLT EC series

REMKO SMART-CONTROL TOUCH SC-1 The heart of your intelligent system

Place the Smart-Control Touch controller in a central position in your living space. As of now, you can operate your connected air conditioners directly on the touch display, create time programmes or poll the current operating data.

The Smart-Control Touch controller is integrated into your in-house Wi-Fi network. Thanks to the REMKO Smart-Web function, you will also have mobile access to your air conditioners in future. In the process, it doesn‘t matter whether you are using your smartphone, tablet or PC – REMKO Smart-Web makes it possible!

  • Compatible with unit types ML, RVD, RXT, MXW, MXD and MVV
  • Connection of up to 128 indoor units to a Smart-Control Touch
  • Simple installation
  • Definition of time programmes for each indoor unit
  • REMKO Smart-Web for mobile use, including the reading of fault messages and unit parameters
  • Remote maintenance possible
  • E-mail notification in case of a malfunction
  • Suitable for flush-mounted installation