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REMKO HTS 80/110 SERIES Air/water system for heating and cooling

REMKO SERIE HTS 80/110 Air/water system for heating and cooling

ARTstyle heat pumps

REMKO series HTS 80/110 is characterised by its unique design and the whisper-quiet operation of the outdoor unit. The state-of-the-art technology in the indoor unit guarantees maximum efficiency. Due to the quiet outdoor unit, this heat pump can be used in almost all residential areas. The external buffer tank is used for the hydraulic decoupling of different volume flow rates. The cooling function is integrated by standard.

Profit from these advantages

  • Complete compact system consisting of an indoor and outdoor unit
  • Effective domestic water preparation
  • Integrated solar control
  • Optimised use of photovoltaic current
  • Speed-controlled radial fan with EC technology in outdoor unit
    ErP Ready
  • Multitalented Smart-Control control system
    Use in the Smart-Grid intelligent power mains is possible
  • Hermetically sound insulated indoor unit housing for the minimisation of noise emissions
  • Control of two mixed and one non-mixed heating circuits
  • Integrated power-controlled circulation pump with EC technology for the supply of the buffer tank
  • Particularly noise-insulated scroll condenser in indoor unit
  • Intelligent, needs-based automatic defrost function
  • Noise-optimised outdoor unit
  • WI-FI ready

Scope of supply

  • REMKO Smart-Control Touch - the intelligent control system
  • 1 indoor unit
  • 1 outdoor unit
  • 1 highly efficient, controlled heating circuit pump
  • Dirt filter
  • 2 shut-off valves and thermometer
  • Safety group with SIV, automatic bleeding valve and pressure gauge
  • Outdoor sensor/immersion probe

Technical data

Variant HTS 80 ALU
area of use4-7 kW7-11 kW
DesignSinglesplit Singlesplit
functionHeizen/Kühlen Heizen/Kühlen
inverter technology- -
systemLuft/Wasser Luft/Wasser
heatpump managerSerie Serie
Storage tank for hydraulic decoupling of volumetric flowsmin. 100 lmin. 100 l
electric booster heatingoptional 9 kWoptional 9 kW
DHW storage tankNein lNein l
Quantity Outdoor/Indoor units1/1 1/1
Operating limit, heating-20 bis +42 °C-20 bis +42 °C
Rated heating output4,0/5,0 kW7,0/8,0 kW
Energy efficiency rating heatingA++/A++ A++/A++
Seasonal changes in space heating energy efficiency151/132 %161/127 %
Power consumption, yearly, heating2393/3192 kWh3623/5087 kWh
Heating capacity / COP for A7/W356,63/4,72 kW9,89/4,78 kW
Heating capacity / COP for A2/W355,10/3,75 kW7,11/3,80 kW
Heating capacity / COP for A-7/W354,46/3,23 kW6,38/3,25 kW
max.Supply temperature heating water60 °C60 °C
Operating limit, cooling+15 bis +45 °C+15 bis +45 °C
Rated cooling output4,50 kW6,0 kW
Cooling capacity / EER for A35/W74,50/2,35 kW6,08/2,36 kW
Cooling capacity / EER for A35/W185,49/2,64 kW8,03/2,88 kW
Cooling capacity / EER for A27/W185,83/3,21 kW8,59/3,48 kW
min.Supply temperature cooling water7 °C7 °C
External pressure loss max. (heating system)40 kPa40 kPa
Refrigerant410A 410A
Refriegrant charge2,75 kg2,95 kg
CO2 Equivalent5,7 t6,1 t
Refrigerant piping connection per outdoorunit3/8 / 5/8 inch3/8 / 5/8 inch
Max. refrigerant pipe length per outdoorunit30 m30 m
Max. refrigerant pipe height10 m10 m
Power supply Outdoorunit400/3/50 V/Ph/Hz400/3/50 V/Ph/Hz
Power supply for electrical heating element400/3/50 V/Ph/Hz400/3/50 V/Ph/Hz
Power supply Indoorunit230/1/50 V/Ph/Hz230/1/50 V/Ph/Hz
Customer´s fuse protection (outdoor unit/Indoorunit)3x16 A slow-acting3x20 A slow-acting
max . Power consumption2,20 kW2,80 kW
max. current consumption3,90 A4,50 A
Rated power consumption Heating for A7/W351,44 kW2,06 kW
Rated current consumption Heating for A7/W352,70 A3,01 A
max. Airflow outdoorunit2700 m³/h2700 m³/h
Volumetric flow water1,17 m³/h1,78 m³/h
Max. operating pressure water3 bar3 bar
Hydraulic connection supply / return flow1 inch1 inch
Soundpowerlevel Indoorunit/outdoor unit43/56 dB(A)44/56 dB(A)
Soundpressure LpA 1m Indoorunit/outdoor unit19/34 dB(A)21/34 dB(A)
Dimensions indoor unit h/w/d1065/650/650 mm1065/650/650 mm
Dimensions outdoor unit1020/630 mm1020/630 mm
Weight indoor unit / outdoor unit150/120 kg160/120 kg
standard color outdoorunitAlu eloxiert Alu eloxiert
standard color indoorunitRAL 9006 RAL 9006

Accessories / Spare parts

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HTS 80 Alu jpg, 915,557,000.0
HTS 80 Alu jpg, 571,865,000.0
HTS 80 Alu jpg, 841,199,000.0
HTS 80 IM jpg, 915,557,000.0
HTS B Designline ALU AM jpg, 1,257,022,000.0
HTS 80 Alu jpg, 96,321,000.0
HTS 80 Alu jpg, 68,957,000.0
HTS 80 Alu jpg, 148,393,000.0
Assembly drawings
HTS B Designline ALU AM jpg, 109,896,000.0