REMKO WDH SERIES The design highlight for your outdoor unit

Design hood for demanding areas of application

The REMKO design cover is the ideal accessory to visually enhance the design of an outdoor heat pump unit. The three design variants allow the design hoods to be perfectly adapted to the environment. Due to the UV resistance, they can be installed almost everywhere. Due to the design, retrofitting is possible without any problems. Only wall distances must be taken into account in the planning. Simply put it into place and fix it with the belt system.

The REMKO design hood is not only an optical highlight, it also protects against vandalism and the effects of weather, such as hail, driving snow, sunlight, etc.

  • Available in three design variants
  • Suitable for retrofitting
  • Offers protection against vandalism and the effects of weather
  • Easy to assemble
  • UV-resistant

Version Alu

Version Graphit

Version Camura

Technical data

Variant WDH 70 Alu
WDH 70 Graphit
WDH 70 Camura
WDH 120 Alu
WDH 120 Graphit
WDH 120 Camura
WDH 180 Alu
WDH 180 Graphit
WDH 180 Camura
Dimensions h/w/d645/1110/435 mm 1000/1110/435 mm 1425/1110/435 mm


Designhaube WDH 70 jpg, 804,287,000.0