Smart heat pumps Intelligent and highly efficient

The classic for the production of green heat

With the REMKO Smart heat pump, you use the heat of the ambient air, which nature provides free of charge. Since air heat pumps can be put into operation with comparatively little effort, the investment costs are kept to a minimum. At the same time, the smart heat pump is particularly efficient thanks to the power modulating operation thanks to modern inverter technology. This ensures a high COP value and helps keep operating costs low. The smart heat pump is equally suitable for new construction and renovation sites.

Cosy heat in the winter, a pleasant climate in the summer

Winters are getting warmer and summers hotter. Temperatures of over +30°C are no longer uncommon in summer. This means that in addition to heating, cooling is taking on an ever more important role. One more reason to install a REMKO heat pump. In winter, the heat pump operates as an efficient heating system, in summer, the water-bearing system ensures comfortable air conditioning.

Product range Smart heat pumps

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