Heat pump package type Stuttgart Solar

If the heat pump is intended to serve as a sole heat generator, this heat pump package is the ideal solution. In addition to the heating function, a cooling function can be provided when necessary. In this package, the drinking water preparation takes place in an enamelled, 300-litre drinking water tank integrated into the indoor module. In addition, a cooling function can be provided as necessary while the thermal solar system heats the domestic water. Through the compact design, installation expenses are extremely low. The solar set included in this package, type RSK 25-5, with a collector surface of 5.06 m², is ideal for effective domestic water preparation.

Package consisting of:

  • Indoor unit with integrated 300 litre domestic water tank
    (BEVB 1,19 kWh/day)
  • Outdoor unit
  • Solar set RSK 25-5
  • Condensate drip tray including oil separator for outdoor unit

Condensate drip tray

Solar set RSK 25-5

Technical data

VariantWKF 80 compactWKF 100 compactWKF 130 compactWKF 170 compact
Energy efficiency rating for heatingA++/A++ A+++/A+++ A+++/A++ A++/A++
Rated heating capacity6.00 (0.90-7.50) kW 8.00 (1.50-10.00) kW 9.00 (2.00-12.50) kW 11.00 (3.00-16.80) kW
External maximum pressure loss, heating system80 / - kPa 80 / - kPa 70 / - kPa 60 / - kPa

Accessories / Spare parts


WKF 80 compact Graphit jpg, 222,009,000.0
REMKO WKF 80 IM jpg, 211,520,000.0
REMKO WKF 80 AM Graphit jpg, 412,691,000.0
REMKO WKT 300 jpg, 612,755,000.0
Kondensat-Auffangwanne inkl. Ölabscheider jpg, 145,296,000.0
Kollektor RSK 25 jpg, 350,666,000.0
Kollektorverbinder gerade jpg, 408,170,000.0
Solarstation HE jpg, 3,306,978,000.0
Ausdehnungsgefäß jpg, 539,248,000.0
Wandhalter MAG jpg, 2,303,222,000.0
Anschlussschlauch jpg, 1,615,737,000.0
Glykol jpg, 217,365,000.0
AD-Grundset 2s/n jpg, 3,335,701,000.0
Rippenrohrwärmetauscher RWT 18 jpg, 73,349,000.0
Kollektorfühler jpg, 206,370,000.0
Temperaturfühler PT 1000 jpg, 157,020,000.0