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REMKO WKF Mannheim Duo

Variant EDV-Nr. Area of use: heating
WKF 120 Duo 256102 18-25 kW
WKF 180 Duo 256103 25-32 kW



Heat pump package type Mannheim Duo

This heat pump package is designed for users who would like to operate the heat pump in combination with a conventional heating appliance (bivalently alternating). The additional KWS 300 combination buffer tank is used for the hydraulic decoupling of large volume flow rates. A cooling function for the summer can also be activated, if necessary. In this package, the drinking water preparation takes place in an enamelled 300-litre drinking water tank. Through the compact design, installation expenses are extremely low. The separate pump assemblies HGU/HGM (can be ordered separately) for the heating circuits are equipped with a high-efficiency pump (0-10 V) regulated in a needs-based manner.

Package consisting of:

  • Indoor unit
  • 2x outdoor unit
  • 2x condensate drip tray including oil separator for outdoor unit
  • Combination buffer tank for cooling and heating water KWS 300 (300 litres)
  • 3-way changeover valve

Hydraulic system diagram of Mannheim Duo Example for monoenergetic or alternative bivalent operation

Technical data

Variant WKF 120 Duo WKF 180 Duo
area of use 18 - 23 kW 25-32 kW
function Heizen/Kühlen/WW Heizen/Kühlen/WW
Storage tank for hydraulic decoupling of volumetric flows extern 100 l extern 100 l
DHW storage tank 300 extern l 300 extern l
Heating capacity min - max 18,0 (2,5 - 25,0) kW 29,0 (3,1 - 35,4) kW
Rated heating output 18,0 kW 29,0 kW
Energy efficiency rating heating A++ A++
Cooling capacity min./max. 13,0 (3,3 - 23,8) kW 24,0 (11,0 - 28,0) kW

Accessories / Spare parts


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Temperaturfühler PT 1000 jpg, 0.2 MB
Kondensat-Auffangwanne inkl. Ölabscheider jpg, 0.1 MB
3-Wege Umschaltventil 5/4" jpg, 1.5 MB
Reduzier-Doppelnippel 1 1/2" jpg, 0.2 MB
Assembly drawings
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Hydraulic configurator Hydraulic schemes for heat pumps

Hydraulic configurator