New products An overview of our new products

Brine heat pumps Heat from the ground

With the brine heat pump, REMKO offers a compact system by means of which the use of geothermal heat can be implemented for effective heating, domestic water heating and optional, passive cooling. Geothermal heat can be extracted by deep drilling or surface collectors.


Brine heat pumps

Hot-water heat pumps Cost-saving hot-water preparation, installed quickly and easily

The REMKO hot water heat pump can be ideally combined with solar systems and other heat generators. With its cool exhaust air, adjoining rooms can be efficiently conditioned and dehumidified. With its ready to plug-in delivery service quick and easy installation is ensured.


Hot-water heat pumps

ARTdesign Noise protection hoods Noise protection for heat pumps and air-conditioners

The REMKO noise protection hood not only reduces the noise emissions, but also protects against vandalism and the effects of weather. Appropiate for each environment, the noise protection hood is available in four colour variants. Individual colour requests are also possible.


ARTdesign Noise protection hoods

Pool dehumidifiers Efficient room climate for pool and wellness areas

REMKO pool dehumidifiers have been specially designed for pool and wellness areas. They removes excessive humidity from the air and thereby provides a balanced and healthy room climate. 


Pool dehumidifiers

Chilled water air-conditioning systems Efficient air-conditioning of small and large objects

Thanks to their modular design, REMKO chillers can be configured individually for every application. They correspond with the pertinent energetic requirements of the Eco-Design Directive, therefore contributing not inconsiderably to the reduction of harmful emissions connected to the consumption of energy.


Chilled water air-conditioning systems

Universal heaters Rapid heat adapted to your needs

For economical heating these heaters are incomparable. The heaters always generate the heat you need quickly, safely and economically without a preheating time. A decentralized setup lowers mounting and investment costs.


Universal heaters