Hotel System solutions for hotels

Modular power houses The entire energy management in a central unit

These devices can be used optimally for the heating and air-conditioning of large buildings like residences, office buildings, hotels, gymnasiums, supermarkets and retail property. The heat pump is a modular power house with versatile application possibilities. The units are ahead of fossil heating systems, especially in regard to flexibility. This saves energy and costs.


Modular power houses

VRF multifunctional air-conditioning systems Flexible systemsolution for large buildings and building storeys

For the realisation of complex air-conditioning concepts, REMKO offers an efficient and flexible system solution for larger buildings and building storeys. With only one efficient outdoor inverter unit, the system can operate up to ten indoor units. 


VRF multifunctional air-conditioning systems

Chilled water air-conditioning systems The ideal system for the efficient air-conditioning of small and large objects

Chilled water air-conditioning systems can be used for cooling in summer and heating in winter in combination with a boiler. Moreover, in existing buildings, it is possible to use parts of an intact and sufficiently dimensioned, insulated heating network. REMKO chilled water airconditioning systems are ideal for pleasantly cooling a number of rooms in office buildings, businesses, medical practices, hotels, restaurants, banks, studios and residential buildings.


Chilled water air-conditioning systems