Living Warmth and climate to feel good

Local air conditioners Ready to use anytime, anywhere

Heat and humid air reduce human performance and concentration. Air conditioners from REMKO offer a cure. They cool and dehumidify the air in the room and ensure a feeling of well-being in office buildings, doctors offices, boutiques, galleries, holiday apartments, living rooms, bedrooms and anywhere where a comfortable room climate is essential.


Local air-conditioners

Air conditioning packages Wall-mounted units for cooling and heating

Heat, especially in combination with increased humidity, can overburden our bodies and may cause circulatory problems in some people. With our air-conditioning packages for offices and living rooms, you can look forward to the next hot period with peace of mind.


Air conditioning packages

Comfort air-conditioners Reduce energy consumption through better efficiency

The REMKO comfort program offers the right design and the right performance for every application. Here you will find tailored indoor climate solutions for offices, residential building, medical practices, seminar and computer rooms. Both single and multi-split systems are available. 


Comfort room air conditioners

Smart heat pumps Intelligent and highly efficient

The REMKO Smart-WP is perfectly suited for new buildings in combination with underfloor heating. In winter, the heat pump operates as an efficient heating system, in summer, the water-bearing system ensures comfortable air conditioning.


Smart heat pumps

ARTstyle heat pumps Dynamic elegance. Whisper-quiet

Heat pumps should not be seen as something out of place. The appliances must exude elegance and fit the ambience. REMKO ARTstyle heat pumps can be integrated perfectly and discreetly in any outdoor environment.

In new buildings, old buildings and renovation - they are ideal for the combination with florr heating and low-temperature heaters.


ARTstyle heat pumps

Arctic heat pumps The heat pump solution for easy wall mounting

Because the Arctic heat pump does not require piping and radiators, it can be flexibly installed in any room. It is ideal for heating individual rooms or small buildings - such as holiday homes - and proves to be a convincing option with low acquisition costs and low installation costs.


Arctic heat pumps

Hot water heat pumps Cost-saving hot-water preparation, installed quickly and easily

The REMKO hot water heat pump can be ideally combined ith solar systems and other heat generators. With tis cool exhaust air, adjoining rooms can be efficiently conditioned and dehumidified. With its ready to plug-in delivery service quick and easy installation is ensured.


Hot-water heat pumps