REMKO EM SERIES Electric heating systems

Variant EDV-Nr. Rated heating capacity
EM 2000 1614500 2,0 kW
EM 3000 1614505 3,2 kW
EM 6000 1614510 6,0 kW
EM 10000 1614520 10,0 kW
EM 18000 1614530 18,0 kW


REMKO EM SERIES Electric heaters

Rapid, effective heat wherever it is needed

The portable REMKO electric heating systems are robust, safe, and reliable. There are no power losses since the entire current is converted into heat. Due to the low weight and compact construction, the devices can be used anywhere. The built-in room thermostat guarantees a constant temperature with economical power consumption.

  • Versatile application possibilities, even in unventilated room
  • Heating elements made of stainless steel
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Quiet operation
  • Easy to transport
  • Fully-automatic operation
  • Built-in room thermostat

Built-in room thermostat

Standard with connecting cable and plug

Technical data

VariantEM 2000EM 3000EM 6000EM 10000EM 18000
Nominal heat power2,0 kW3,2 kW6,0 kW10,0 kW18,0 kW
Switchable heating capacity2,0 kW2,2 / 3,2 kW2 x 3,0 kW2 x 5,0 kW3 x 6,0 kW
Air volume220 m³/h350 m³/h500 m³/h750 m³/h1.000 m³/h
Power supply230/1~/50 V/Ph/Hz230/1~/50 V/Ph/Hz400/3~N/50 V/Ph/Hz400/3~N/50 V/Ph/Hz400/3~N/50 V/Ph/Hz
Total power input2,03 kW3,2 kW6,1 kW10,6 kW18,0 kW
Electr. nominal current consumption9,5 A13,9 A4,0/8,0 A7,4/14,8 A27,0 A
Fuse protection (on side)16 A16 A16 A16 A32 A
Sound pressure level46 dB(A)46 dB(A)52 dB(A)53 dB(A)57 dB(A)
Dimensions h/w/d315/200/300 mm335/200/400 mm455/300/510 mm455/300/675 mm500/375/740 mm
Weight5,8 kg8,6 kg16,5 kg20,5 kg27,0 kg
Thermostatic controleingebaut eingebaut eingebaut eingebaut eingebaut

Accessories / Spare parts

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User manuals

Declarations of conformity

REMKO EM 2000 jpg, 300,665,000.0
Assembly drawings
REMKO EM 2000 jpg, 51,621,000.0

Heat requirement chart for heating systems

The diagram allows you to quickly determine the necessary heating power requirements of the hot air heating system to be used. It is based on a rough heat demand estimate for factories and similar buildings.

Heat requirement chart Determination of the necessary heating output