We are looking for you! Your training at REMKO

Stefanie Klaas, head of training

Training - a success concept

Since its foundation more than 40 years ago, REMKO has stood for the principle of training "home grown plants". Driven by the growth of the company and the increasing demand for professional competence of its employees, a permanent need for training has developed. The goal is continued employment after the training period.

What does this mean for future apprentices of the company?

Initially, mentors help newcomers to feel comfortable in their new environment. A training manager is also available as a contact person at any time. The focus is on training in the departments appropriate to the intended career direction. But we also train in additional departments to show the process chains.

Apprentices are supervised by training officers who ensure that they clearly impart the relevant information training course. They are also available as contact persons for vocational school content. Apprentices always work in a departmental team. Project work and events are part of the training to strengthen the social skills of individuals and the team spirit for shared success.

Industrial clerk

As an industrial clerk, you are responsible for the business processes in our company. You go through all the relevant departments to gain the best possible insight into the operation of the business. This also ensures that we can offer you a qualitatively appealing and varied training.

Your job includes obtaining, reviewing and comparing offers. You will negotiate with suppliers, determine material requirements and write orders. With commitment, you are always on the side of our customers as consultants and take care of their concerns. Sales calls and the execution of orders will be part of your activities.

IT specialist for application development

As an IT specialist for application development, you will analyze, plan and maintain our IT systems and will be our first contact for all hardware and software problems.

You will set up workstations and computers for the corporate network. Since there are always inconsistencies in terms of technology, you will make sure that all systems stay up to date and that technical problems are eliminated professionally. Of course, you can also enjoy programming and developing software yourself. You will learn this with various program languages such as VB and C ++.

Media Designer Digital and Print

Our media designers take care of all relevant media products that are realized in the marketing department. The steadily growing product range is put into perspective by you. You will photograph articles in the photo studio, retouch and edit the images later on the computer and then include them into the appropriate media production.

In order to reach as many customers as possible, we use numerous advertising materials. Printed products such as catalogs, leaflets, brochures, flyers and roll-ups for trade fairs will be designed and created by you and the creative team.

In addition to data processing and trade fair planning, you will maintain our website and add new products, data and texts. In addition, you will take care of our social media channels such as Facebook and YouTube.

Mechatronics technician for refrigeration technology

As a manufacturer of refrigeration and air conditioning technology, mechatronics technicians are particularly in demand. In addition to planning and mounting systems and related systems, you will be servicing them too. You will get to know the functionality of the systems down to the smallest detail and become an expert of all electronic and electro-technical components.

You will install measuring and control elements as well as the technology for regulation. In order not to freeze your customers during the winter and to keep them from sweating during the summer, you will check the functions and make sure that professional installation ensures safety.

To ensure that the devices last as long as possible, the equipment is regularly maintained and, if necessary, parts replaced.

Specialist for warehouse logistics

As a warehouse logistics specialist you will be responsible for the handling of goods of any kind. Products are constantly being sent or received. Managing these permanent activities is part of your job. Our goods are properly stored after inspection. For this to be possible, you must optimize logistics processes effectively. Every single product is documented and can always be found.

Goods are dispatched carefully and responsibly. Finally, the goods that are sent must be securely loaded at all times. In order to be able to distinguish different packages in the consignments, these are labeled and marked. Deliveries will be put together by you and provided with delivery notes or customs declarations. Then you determine the shipping method and the associated costs.