About us Company philosophy and history


Since our foundation in 1976, REMKO has established itself as a medium-sized company operating throughout Europe in the field of heating and air conditioning technology. Our product range extends from warm air heating systems, dehumidifiers and air-conditioning systems to innovative heat pumps. As a medium-sized company, we always listen to the needs of our customers and grow together with them.

Quality is our trademark

At REMKO, we pursue an approach that is not based on existing solutions, but develops and realises our own technical concepts. For more than 45 years, quality has been our top priority. Our products are tested in our own laboratory according to the latest standards - and this is also confirmed by the certificates.

Service you can rely on

Our CheckServ range and our network of specialist partners ensure that our customers always receive good advice and support. From initial planning to maintenance, we are there for you. And if something goes wrong, our emergency service team is quickly on hand.

Always the right spare part

We not only offer accessories, but also spare parts for all our products - easy to order online. You can also find parts for older models using our search function. Fast delivery? Sure, that's part of our service.

Our journey so far

Founded in 1976 by Hans Dieter Remming and Günther Krähe, our company has since established itself continuously in the heating, ventilation and air conditioning sector. The move to our new premises ‘Am Seelenkamp’ in 1983 was the first significant step in our company history.

An important milestone was the takeover of the company shares by Indus Holding AG in 1988, which opened up new avenues for growth and development. This enabled us to introduce a new product area in 1990: air conditioning systems.

The expansion of our product range led to the need to expand our infrastructure. This was reflected in the construction of an additional warehouse in 1992 and another decisive step was the introduction of the ‘new energies’ product area in 2008, in particular through the production of heat pumps.

The construction of our customer centre in 2013 demonstrated our desire to deepen the relationship with our customers and improve our service. In 2014, Toni Kratzel took over as Managing Director, bringing new perspectives and innovation to the company.

The most recent significant step in our development was the construction of our new logistics centre in 2022, which will further increase our delivery and performance capacity.

With over four decades of experience in our industry, we are proud to be both part of the past and shapers of the future in our field.