REMKO NTH/NTV SERIES Low-temperature heating element in horizontal and vertical design

The low-temperature heating element for residential needs

The NT heating element series NTH/NTV is especially suitable for heat pump operation in the low-temperature range. The integrated fans increase the heating capacity and heat up the room quickly. These discreet heating elements find their place in old and new buildings. Perfectly suited for retrofitting, the horizontal NTH or vertical NTV heating elements can be connected to almost all existing conditions thanks to the flexible connections.

With this system, dynamic heating can be realised, e.g., in children's rooms or bedrooms.

  • The ideal solution for renovation and new construction
  • Quiet operation due to small axial fans
  • Simple installation
  • Various lengths available
  • Various connection options
  • Digital display
  • 4 fan speeds
  • Ready to plug in

Fan speeds can be operated via the display

Integrated fans ensure more efficient and faster heating performance

Technical data

VariantNTH 6-800NTH 6-1000NTH 6-1200NTH 6-1400NTH 6-1600NTH 6-1800NTV 6-1800
FunctionHeating Heating Heating Heating Heating Heating Heating
VersionHorizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Horizontal Vertical
Air flow rate speed settings24/31/35/38 m³/h 31/40/44/49 m³/h 37/49/54/60 m³/h 44/57/64/71 m³/h 51/66/74/82 m³/h 58/75/84/92 m³/h 31/40/44/49 m³/h
Sound pressure level per speed setting16/20/26/30/36 dB(A) 17/22/27/32/37 dB(A) 19/23/29/34/39 dB(A) 20/25/30/35/40 dB(A) 21/26/31/36/41 dB(A) 22/27/32/37/42 dB(A) 18/23/28/33/38 dB(A)
Power supply230/1~/50 230/1~/50 230/1~/50 230/1~/50 230/1~/50 230/1~/50 230/1~/50
Max. operating pressure3 bar 3 bar 3 bar 3 bar 3 bar 3 bar 3 bar
Medium connections1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2 1/2
Dimensions H/W/D600/800/105 mm 600/1000/105 mm 600/1200/105 mm 600/1400/105 mm 600/1600/105 mm 600/1800/105 mm 1800/600/105 mm
Series colourSimilar to RAL 9016 Similar to RAL 9016 Similar to RAL 9016 Similar to RAL 9016 Similar to RAL 9016 Similar to RAL 9016 Similar to RAL 9016