Outdoor unit MVT 603 DC
Outdoor unit MVT 603 DC
Outdoor unit MVT 1403 DC
Outdoor unit MVT 1403 DC
Outdoor unit MVT 603 DC
Outdoor unit MVT 1403 DC

MVT DC SERIES Multisplit air-conditioning systems for cooling or heating

  • Multisplit air-conditioning system
  • Cooling capacity: 5.30 - 12.30 kW
  • For offices and medical practices

Efficient air-conditioning solutions for several rooms at once

The MVT series is an efficient inverter air-conditioning solution that lets you operate up to 5 indoor units at once. In the process, you can combine wall-mounted units, ceiling cassettes, and now even compact wall chests to suit your needs.

  • Up to 5 rooms can be cooled
  • Microprocessor-controlled unit technology
  • Coolant injection by electronic expansion valves
  • Outdoor units are filled with R32 refrigerant at the factory (line length up to 5 m)
  • Winter fan speed control for cooling and heating operation up to -15°C in the standard version
  • Automatic adjustment of the airflow in cooling and heating mode
  • Programmable 24-hour timer function
  • With infrared remote control in the standard version
  • Alarm contact (for Series MXD, MXT and ATY Deko)
  • Contact for external activation and deactivation (for Series MXW, MXD, MXT and ATY Deko)
  • Connection option REMKO Smart-Control Touch (for Series MXW, MXD, MXT and ATY Deko)
  • Wi-Fi connectivity optionally available (for Series MXW, MXD, MXT, ATY and ATY Deko)

Technical data

VariantMVT 603 DCMVT 903 DCMVT 1053 DCMVT 1403 DC
Cooling capacity5.3 (2.1-6.9) kW7.9 (2.9-8.5) kW10.5 (2.1-10.6) kW12.3 (2.1-14.2) kW
Energy efficiency rating for coolingA++A++A++A++
Energy efficiency ratio SEER6.1 6.1 6.5 6.1
Power consumption cooling, annual, QCE304 kWh453 kWh565 kWh652 kWh
Room cooling annual utilisation factor ηs,c241 %241 %257 %241 %



Here you will find an overview of suitable accessories for the selected product series.

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