Outdoor unit MVV 2000 DC Duo
Outdoor unit MVV 2000 DC Duo
Outdoor unit MVV 2000 DC Duo

MVV DC SERIES Outdoor units for cooling and heating

  • Multisplit air-conditioning system with VRF technology
  • Cooling capacity: 12.00 - 20.00 kW
  • For larger office buildings

Efficient air-conditioning solutions for several rooms at once

The MVV series is an efficient inverter air-conditioning solution that lets you operate up to ten indoor units at once. You can thus combine wall-mounted units and ceiling cassettes according to your needs.

  • Easy installation of the 2-pipe technology on the wall or in the suspended ceiling
  • Automatic adjustment of the airflow in cooling and heating mode
  • Outdoor units are filled with R410A refrigerant at the factory
  • Coolant injection by electronic expansion valves
  • Microprocessor-controlled unit technology
  • The cooling or heating of up to 20 rooms is possible
  • Maximum refrigerant line length 200 m
  • Winter fan speed control for cooling and heating operation up to -15°C in the standard version

Technical data

VariantMVV 1200 DCMVV 1600 DCMVV 2000 DCMVV 1200 DC DuoMVV 1600 DC DuoMVV 2000 DC Duo
Cooling capacity12.0 (5.8-12.4) kW15.5 (7.8-16.3) kW20.0 (9.2-21.5) kWeach 12.0 (5.8-12.4) kWeach 15.5 (7.8-16.3) kWeach 20.0 (9.2-21.5) kW
Energy efficiency rating for coolingAABAAB
Power consumption annual, cooling, QCE1870 kW/h2355 kW/h3295 kW/h1870 kW/h2355 kW/h3295 kW/h
Room cooling annual utilisation factor ηs,c264 %238 %229 %264 %238 %229 %
Heating capacity13.5 (6.0-15.5) kW18.6 (8.3-20.1) kW23.3 (10.5-25.4) kWeach 13.5 (6.0-15.5) kWeach 18.6 (8.3-20.1) kWeach 23.3 (10.5-25.4) kW



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