REMKO SWK SERIES Noise protection hoods for heat pumps and air conditioners
Noise protection for demanding areas of application

The noise insulation hood is used especially in regions with high requirements on noise emissions. Due to the patented construction and noise-insulating effect of the EPP-polypropylene material, an effective noise reduction is achieved through air deflection.

Planning and setup

Due to the optical design, the noise protection hood can be easily integrated into the environment. Due to fire protection class B2 and UV resistance, they can be installed almost everywhere. In case of planning according to the German TALärm regulation (Technical Instructions for Noise Protection), the tonal component does not need to be taken into consideration. This is assumed to be up to 6 dB(A). According to the setup situation, the hood can then reduce the sound pressure level by up to 15 dB(A).

Version green/black

Version brown/black

Technical data
Variant SWK 4.1 black
SWK 4.1 silver/black
SWK 4.1 green/black
SWK 4.1 brown/black
Special colour according to RAL
SWK 5.1 black
SWK 5.1 silver/black
SWK 5.1 green/black
SWK 5.1 brown/black
Special colour according to RAL
SWK 7.1 black
SWK 7.1 silver/black
SWK 7.1 green/black
SWK 7.1 brown/black
Special colour according to RAL
Heat pump typeWKF 80 WKF 100|WKF 130 WKF 170
Max. Gerätegröße H/B/T1020/1170/460 mm 1260/1170/460 mm 1740/1170/460 mm
Dimensions h/w/d1155/1385/1100 mm 1400/1385/1100 mm 1880/1385/1100 mm
Weight40 kg43 kg48 kg


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