Storage systems Energy storage for heating and hot water

REMKO buffer tank and drinking water storage

The storage systems from REMKO are universally usable - whether buffer storage for heating application or as buffer storage for cooling operation. The specially developed PU foam insulation or the flow insulation ensures maximum efficiency. The enameled drinking water storage tanks with large heat exchanger surfaces guarantee high performance and thus high DHW convenience.

Our hygienic storage tanks with stainless steel corrugated tube registers guarantee hygienic hot water preparation. The heat exchanger in the hygiene storage ensures a high dispensing capacity. It can be operated with a wide variety of heat generators. Possible heat generators are: oil / gas boilers, wood gasifiers, pellet boilers, wood boilers, heat pumps and fireplaces.

Product range storage systems

MPS SERIES - Bild 28270

REMKO MPS SERIESMultifunctional buffer tank

Tank volume: 800 Liter - 2000 Liter
KPS SERIES - Bild 68176

REMKO KPS SERIESHot/cold water buffer tank

Tank volume: 130 Litre - 306 Litre New
HPS SERIES - Bild 28269


Tank volume: 500 Liter
KWS SERIES - Bild 28599

REMKO KWS SERIESCombination buffer tank

Net domestic water volume: 100 Liter
EWS E SERIES - Bild 28273

REMKO EWS E SERIESTank for domestic hot water heating

Net domestic water volume: 168 Liter - 426 Liter
HWS SERIES - Bild 28867

REMKO HWS SERIESHot water hygiene tank

Nominal contents of buffer: 852 Liter - 1332 Liter