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HITLINE promotional products REMKO quality at a low price
Exclusive REMKO products

With the HITLINE promotional products, we offer price-conscious entry-level series from the product areas of air-conditioning, heating and dehumidification. Fully equipped and designed for daily use, they meet our requirements for quality and efficiency.

HITLINE product range
Local and stationary climate systems
Mobile hot air heating systems
KF SERIES - Bild 85180

REMKO KF SERIESElectric infrared radiators

Nominal thermal output: 2,0 kW
EM SERIES - Bild 85214

REMKO EM SERIESElectric heating systems

Rated heating capacity: 2,0 kW - 18,0 kW
PG (T) SERIES - Bild 85184

REMKO PG (T) SERIESGas heaters

Nominal thermal load: 10 - 26 kW
Stationary dehumidifier ETF 650-S

REMKO ETF 650-S SERIESStationary dehumidifier

Daily dehumidification output: 65 Litre/day New
Mobile dehumidifier TK 300

REMKO TK 300 SERIESMobile dehumidifier

Daily dehumidification output: 30 litre/day New