REMKO EFS SERIES Fresh water stations

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REMKO EFS SERIES Fresh water stations

The fresh water stations of REMKO are used for hygienic domestic water preparation in connection with buffer tanks. The units are completely equipped with electronic control, speed-controlled high-efficiency pump, flow switch, and plate heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is designed for a high flow rate of 21 l/min (EFS 21), 35 l/min (EFS 36) at 50°C storage temperature. The flow rate can be increased through cascading. The fresh water stations are delivered ready for mounting in the EPP housing. In the case of the EFS 36, the unit is mounted to the wall. The EFS 21 fresh water station can be installed directly on the cylinder in conjunction with an RES or tank connection set.

VariantEFS 21EFS 36
Installation siteTank/wall Wall
Primary connections1 1 1/2
Secondary connections1 1 1/4
Operating temperature+10 to +65 °C +10 to +65 °C
InsulationEPP EPP
Primary pumpHE pump HE pump
Secondary pumpHE pump HE pump
Type of fresh water stationFresh water module Fresh water module
Heat exchangerCopper soldered Copper soldered

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