REMKO EFS SERIES Fresh water stations

Variant EDV-Nr. Transmission power
EFS 25 260155 30 kW
EFS 35 260156 79 kW
EFS 50 260157 122 kW
EFS 35 Duo 260158 2x 79 kW
EFS 50 Duo 260159 2x 122 kW


REMKO EFS SERIES Fresh water stations

Central hot water preparation unit

The fresh water stations of REMKO are used for hygienic domestic water preparation in connection with buffer tanks. The units are completely equipped with electronic control, speed-controlled high-efficiency pump, flow switch, and plate heat exchanger. The heat exchanger is designed for a high flow rate of 25 l/min (EFS 25), 35 l/min (EFS 35) and/or 50 l/min (EFS 50).

Through the cascading of EFS 35 or EFS 50 to EFS 35/50 Duo, the flow rate can be increased to 64 l/min and/or 100 l/min. The fresh water stations are delivered ready for wall mounting in the EPP housing.

Technical data

VariantEFS 25EFS 35EFS 50EFS 35 DuoEFS 50 Duo
Type of fresh water stationFrischwassermodul Frischwassermodul Frischwassermodul Frischwassermodule Frischwassermodule
Transmission power30 kW79 kW122 kW2x79 kW2x122 kW
Flow rate 45°C /50°C17 l/min32 l/min50 l/min64 l/min100 l/min
Flow rate 45°C/60°C28 l/min50 l/min77 l/min100 l/min154 l/min
Flow rate 45°C/70°C36 l/min64 l/min88 l/min128 l/min176 l/min
Primary pressure max.3 bar3 bar3 bar3 bar3 bar
Secondary pressure max.10 bar10 bar10 bar10 bar10 bar
Operating temperature2-95 °C2-95 °C2-95 °C2-95 °C2-95 °C
Min. buffer volume for hot water operation500 l800 l1000 l1000 l2000 l
Installation siteSpeicher/Wand Wand Wand Wand Wand
Height (with insulation)645 mm795 mm795 mm1254 mm1267 mm
Width (with insulation)348 mm602 mm602 mm1379 mm1379 mm
Depth (with insulation)249 mm298 mm298 mm298 mm298 mm
Gravity brake200 mmWs2x200 mmWs2x400 mmWs4x200 mmWs4x400 mmWs
Primary pumpHE Pumpe HE Pumpe HE Pumpe HE Pumpe HE Pumpe
Secondary pumpHE Pumpe HE Pumpe HE Pumpe HE Pumpe HE Pumpe
Heat exchangerEdelstahl Edelstahl Edelstahl Edelstahl Edelstahl
Primary connections3/4 inch1 1/2 inch2 inch2 inch2 inch
Secondary connections3/4 inch1 inch1 1/4 inch1 1/4 inch1 1/4 inch
Cascade pipe assemblyNein Nein Nein Ja Ja

Accessories / Spare parts

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Frischwasserstation EFS 25 jpg, 146,945,000.0
Assembly drawings
Frischwasserstation EFS 25 jpg, 46,592,000.0