REMKO RK SERIES Dry material and water vacuum cleaners

REMKO RK SERIES Dry material and water vacuum cleaners
Compact units with high capacity

The dry material vacuum cleaners are just as well suited for commercial and private users. The devices convince due to high suction capacities and easy handling. They can be used to vacuum smooth floors, carpets, and upholstery, as well as wooden chips, broken glass, and even rubble. A permanent dirt filter is a part of the standard equipment. The RK 26 K design has a boiler cleaning set.

Powerful units for professionals with large container volumes

The dry material and water vacuum cleaners are especially designed for commercial use. The units convince due to concentrated suction force and many possible applications. At construction sites, in industry, craftwork, trade, and wherever very high capacity is required in dry and wet areas.

  • Extremely high suction power
  • Problem-free transport
  • Permanent dirt filter in standard equipment
  • Easy to handle
  • Container made of stainless steel
  • Large tube diameter prevents blockage
  • RK 26K ideal for boiler cleaning

Included accessories for RK 26 and RK 26 K

Boiler cleaning set for RK 26 K

Included accessories for RK 45

Included accessories for RK 55 and RK 75

Technical data
VariantRK 26RK 26 KRK 45RK 55RK 75
Power supply230/1~/50 230/1~/50 230/1~/50 230/1~/50 230/1~/50
Motorleistung1000 1000 1000 1000 2x1000
Suction capacity210 mbar210 mbar210 mbar230 mbar250 mbar
Cable length7 m7 m7 m7 m8 m
TankEdelstahl Edelstahl Edelstahl Edelstahl Edelstahl
Tank volume15 l15 l15 l30 l60 l
Dimensions h/w/d575/400/400 mm 575/400/400 mm 575/400/400 mm 755/400/400 mm 935/540/540 mm
Weight9.5 kg12 kg10 kg11 kg22 kg
Weight without accessories9.5 kg9.5 kg10 kg11 kg22 kg

Accessories / Spare parts

REMKO RK 26 jpg, 141,758,000.0
Assembly drawings
REMKO RK 26 jpg, 131,521,000.0