Comfort air conditioner in the living room
Comfort air-conditioners Reduce energy consumption through better efficiency
Variable room climate design

Select the indoor unit according to the interior design. The selection ranges from shapely ARTstyle wall units in elegant black, to discreet ceiling cassettes in neutral white.

The attractive ARTstyle wall units, with real glass mirror fronts, also have integrated fine dust filters and ion generators which contribute to a particularly clean and fresh indoor air. For economical energy consumption, all comfort air-conditioners are equipped with state-of-the-art inverter technology.

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Cooling load calculation for air-conditioners

The following rule of thumb applies when calculating the cooling capacity:
Approximately 30 W of cooling capacity are required per cubic meter. The cooling capacity for a room with a surface area of 28 m2 and height of 2.5 m can be calculated as follows:

28 m2 x 2,5 m x 30 W/m3 = 2.100 Watt (2,1 kW)

We recommend that you always calculate the cooling capacity for the room precisely.

Cooling load calculation Calculate required cooling capacity
Cooling load calculation