REMKO MVT SERIES Multisplit air-conditioning systems for cooling and heating

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REMKO MVT SERIES Multisplit air-conditioning systems for cooling and heating

Efficient air-conditioning solutions for several rooms

The MVT series is an efficient inverter air-conditioning solution that lets you operate up to 5 indoor units at once. In the process, you can combine wall-mounted units, ceiling cassettes, and now even compact wall chests to suit your needs.

Outdoor units

  • Up to 5 rooms can be cooled
  • Microprocessor-controlled device technology
  • Coolant injection by electronic expansion valves
  • The outdoor units are filled with R32 refrigerant at the factory
    (line length up to 5 m, per circuit)
  • With winter fan speed control for cooling and heating operation up to -15 °C in the standard version

Indoor units

  • Automatic adjustment of the airflow in cooling and heating mode
  • Programmable 24-hour timer function
  • With infrared remote control in standard design
  • Alarm contact (for MXD series)
  • Contact for external activation and deactivation
    (for MXW and MXD series)
  • Connection option REMKO Smart-Control Touch 
    (for MXW and MXD series)
  • Wi-Fi connectivity optionally available
    (for MXW, MXD and ATY series)

Technical data

VariantMVT 603 DCMVT 903 DCMVT 1053 DCMVT 1403 DC
Cooling capacity5.30 (2.10-6.90) kW 7.90 (2.90-8.50) kW 10.50 (2.10-10.60) kW 12.40 (2.10-14.20) kW
Energy efficiency rating for coolingA++ A++ A++ A++
Heating capacity4.30 (2.30-7.20) kW 5.70 (2.00-8.50) kW 8.90 (2.30-11.10) kW 9.20 (2.30-14.80) kW
Energy efficiency rating for heatingA+ A+ A+ A
RefrigerantR32 R32 R32 R32
Working range, cooling-15 to +50 °C -15 to +50 °C -15 to +50 °C -15 to +50 °C
Operating range heating-15 to +24 °C -15 to +24 °C -15 to +24 °C -15 to +24 °C
Sound power max. outdoor unit65 dB(A) 67 dB(A) 70 dB(A) 70 dB(A)
Power supply230/1~/50 230/1~/50 230/1~/50 230/1~/50
Refrigerant connection, injection line1/4 1/4 1/4 1/4
Refrigerant connection, suction pipe3/8 3/8
Refrigerant line length/height max.40 / 15 m 60 / 15 m 80 / 15 m 80 / 15 m
Dimensions outdoor unit H/W/D554/800/333 mm 702/845/363 mm 810/946/410 mm 810/946/410 mm
Weight indoor/outdoor unit35.5 kg 51.1 kg 68.8 kg 73.3 kg

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Energy labels

Declarations of conformity

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Assembly drawings
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Cooling load calculation for air-conditioners

The following rule of thumb applies when calculating the cooling capacity:
Approximately 30 W of cooling capacity are required per cubic meter. The cooling capacity for a room with a surface area of 28 m2 and height of 2.5 m can be calculated as follows:

28 m2 x 2,5 m x 30 W/m3 = 2.100 Watt (2,1 kW)

We recommend that you always calculate the cooling capacity for the room precisely.

Cooling load calculation Calculate required cooling capacity

Cooling load calculation