Local air conditioner in the living room

Local air conditioners Ready to use anytime, anywhere

Compact air conditioners

Local units are ideal for spot cooling. The condenser, compressor and evaporator reside in a compact housing.

The intake air is filtered and dehumidified and resupplied to the room. A flexible air outlet tube guides the heat to the outside. You only have to slightly open a door or a window. The moisture is expelled to the outside through the air aoutlet tube as vaporized condensate water.

Air conditioners in split design

These air conditioners consist of units that are located in different places. The condenser unit (outdoor unit) and the evaporator unit (indoor unit) were designed to be separate. The outdoor unit is set up outside, on a balcony, or on the terrace. The two units are connected to one another by a connection line.

Monobloc air conditioners without outdoor unit

The compact air conditioner uses 2-hose technology abd therefore needs no outdoor unit. The air flows through an air duct. The Monobloc air conditioner is flexible in every possible application.

Product range air-conditioners

Compact design

Split design


Cooling load calculation for air-conditioners

The following rule of thumb applies when calculating the cooling capacity:
Approximately 30 W of cooling capacity are required per cubic meter. The cooling capacity for a room with a surface area of 28 m2 and height of 2.5 m can be calculated as follows:

28 m2 x 2,5 m x 30 W/m3 = 2.100 Watt (2,1 kW)

We recommend that you always calculate the cooling capacity for the room precisely.

Cooling load calculation Calculate required cooling capacity