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REMKO air purifier LRM product series at a glance

Maximum quality for your room air

A lot of different foreign substances can be found in our ambient air, such as dust, fibres, pollen, germs and smoke, which are caused by various processes (combustion, whirling up, abrasion, processing of materials, etc.). The particles in the air can cause various reactions in humans and the environment. Air purifiers are available in several versions with different technical options for purifying the air. Probably the most common option is to filter the air using air filters.

Four filters arranged in series are used in the air cleaners of the LRM series, which use physical effects to filter suspended matter from the air and thus effectively reduce indoor air pollution.

Nylon prefilter

The prefilter traps coarse particles such as fibres, pet hair and skin flakes to protect the downstream filters from excessive loading and premature saturation by larger particles.

Activated carbon granulate cartridge

The activated carbon granulate in the granulate cartridge has countless microscopic pores and capillary systems, resulting in an immense inner surface area from which gas molecules, vapours and odours can be absorbed from the air.

Foam filter pad

Particles of medium size such as large dust and fine sand stick to the surface of the filter foam mat due to their inertia and disordered structure.

HEPA filter

The HEPA filter, with its separation efficiency of 99.975%, removes the remaining finer particles, such as fine dust, pollen, smoke and germs from the air. In addition to the filter system, the integrated anion generator can be switched on at the touch of a button.

As the German Federal Environment Agency confirms:

Both coronaviruses and droplets exhaled through the breath can be contained by HEPA filters.

The air quality indicator

The colours represent the current particle load in the installation room according to the traffic light principle. The lower the load, the better the indoor air quality.

Good air quality

Mediocre air quality

Bad air quality