REMKO LRM SERIES Mobile air purifier

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REMKO LRM SERIES Mobile air purifier

Clean room air for a better sense of well-being

The mobile air purifiers from REMKO are used when maximum air quality is required. Foreign matter such as viruses, bacteria, aerosols, allergens, fine dust, smoke and mould are reliably removed from the room air using REMKO's 4-stage HEPA filter system. The integrated anion generator supports the cleaning process by generating negatively charged electronic molecules/anions. The effect of this process is that the smallest micro particles in the air are bound and can be filtered more effectively. The integrated air quality sensor determines the load on the room air and shows the current quality on the display. The LRM series is suitable for room sizes from 15 to 50 m².

  • Highly effective HEPA filter
    Filters 99.975% of all viruses and bacteria
  • Allergy friendly - ECARF seal (LRM 500)
  • Integrated anion generator
  • Display to show the air quality
  • Timer function
  • 3 fan speeds
  • Low current consumption
  • Sleep function for whisper quiet operation, including switch-off of the display lighting
  • Filter change display
  • Suitable room sizes
    LRM 350   15-35 m²
    LRM 500   20-50 m²

Both coronaviruses and droplets exhaled through the breath can be contained by HEPA filters.

With integrated display to show the current air quality

4-stage HEPA filter system

REMKO's 4-stage HEPA filter system consists of a combination of 4 special filters, which are able to filter up to 99.975% of virus-laden aerosols and pollutants from room air. 
In addition to mechanical filtration, even the smallest particles are attracted to the HEPA filter through the use of electrostatically charged filter fibres. This technology enables lower resistance of the HEPA filter while maintaining the same separation efficiency. 

Advantages of the 4-stage HEPA filter system: 

  • Low energy consumption despite high air flow rates
  • Quiet device operation due to lower fan speeds
  • Low maintenance costs thanks to cost-effective replacement filters

Special filters from the left: HEPA filter, activated carbon grnaulate cartridge, Foam filter pad, Nylon prefilter

  • With normal operation (12/7), the filter set has a service life of one year.
  • With intensive operation (24/7), the filter set has a service life of a half year.

Technical data

VariantLRM 350LRM 500
Air flow rate speed settings101/150/210/325 m³/h 130/210/290/457 m³/h
Area of application: Room area, speed settings- / 15-20 / 20-28 / 28-35 m² - / 20-30 / 30-40 / 40-50 m²
Working range5-50 °C / 35-75 %r.F. 5-50 °C / 35-75 %r.F.
Power supply230/1~/50 230/1~/50
Electrical protection classIP20 IP20
Sound pressure level per speed setting28/39/45/59 dB(A) 29/40/45/59 dB(A)
Colour (ETIM)White White
Dimensions H/W/D617/400/190 mm 682/440/190 mm

Accessories / Spare parts

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Declarations of conformity

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