Dehumidifiers Drying and dehumidifying - more reliable than sun and wind

So that moisture does not become a problem

REMKO's mobile dehumidifiers are characterized by high dehumidification performance and at a wide range of temperatures. The product range includes particularly powerful professional dehumidifiers as well as handy compact units for private residencies.

Product range dehumidifiers

LTE ECO SERIES - Bild 5008

REMKO LTE ECO SERIESProfessional dehumidifiers

Daily dehumidification output: 51 - 106 litre/day
ETF 320 ECO SERIES - Bild 84718

REMKO ETF 320 ECO SERIESMobile dehumidifier

Daily dehumidification output: 32,0 litre/day
ETF 360-460 ECO SERIES - Bild 84697

REMKO ETF 360-460 ECO SERIESMobile dehumidifiers

Daily dehumidification output: 40,0 - 52,0 litre/day
ASF SERIES - Bild 5014

REMKO ASF SERIESMobile dehumidifier with adsorption rotor

Daily dehumidification output: 8,7 litre/day