Dehumidifiers Drying and dehumidifying - more reliable than sun and wind

So that moisture does not become a problem

In humid or poorly ventilated areas such as cellars, garages and bathrooms, dehumidifiers prevent moisture from penetrating into windows or walls. In this way, the use of dehumidifiers prevents damp spots, musty odors and dangerous mildew.

Dehumidifiers also perform well in eliminating water damage after pipe bursts or flooding. Furthermore, they are used in the drying of walls and floors after construction and renovation work.

The accelerated drying of wet screed and plaster can avoid costly work interruptions on construction sites. The risk of mold growth is minimized and the building is ready more quickly for further work.

REMKO's mobile dehumidifiers are characterized by high dehumidification performance and at a wide range of temperatures. The product range includes particularly powerful professional dehumidifiers as well as handy compact units for private residencies.

Product range dehumidifiers

Professional dehumidifiers

LTE SERIES - Bild 5008

REMKO LTE SERIESProfessional dehumidifiers

Daily dehumidification output: 51 - 116 litre/day

Mobile dehumidifiers

ASF SERIES - Bild 5014

REMKO ASF SERIESMobile dehumidifier with adsorption rotor

Daily dehumidification output: 8,7 litre/day
ETF 320 SERIES - Bild 5019

REMKO ETF 320 SERIESMobile dehumidifiers

Daily dehumidification output: 30 litre/day
ETF 360-460 SERIES - Bild 5024

REMKO ETF 360-460 SERIESMobile dehumidifiers

Daily dehumidification output: 36 - 46 litre/day