REMKO ASF SERIES Mobile dehumidifier with adsorption rotor

ASF SERIES - Bild 84801
Daily dehumidification output

REMKO ASF SERIES Mobile dehumidifies with adsorption rotor

The powerful dehumidifier - use in the lower temperature range

Due to up to date technology, it was possible to develop a powerful appliance without a compressor and refrigerant. Especially in a temperature range below 20°C, the REMKO ASF 100 is very effective. Based on its compact design and very low weight, the dehumidifier is easy to carry and ready for immediate use. Finally the high quality standard is rounded off by a good instrumentation and modern optics.

Series with ionic generator and air filter

The built-in ionic generator and air filter produce a better air quality in your environment. Additionally the unit can run in a "Extra Silent" mode. Thanks to its compact and low weight design, the unit is ready for a flexible use.

  • Very compact and extremely lightweight
  • Environment-friendly technology
  • Non-stop dehumidifying without defrosting
  • Large temperature application range from 1°C to 40°C
  • Very high dehumidifying capacity already from 5°C on
  • Highly efficient
  • 3-speed fan
  • Swing function
  • Built-in inoic-generator for a better air quality
  • Electronic controls
  • 3 modes: 
    - Automatic
    - Extra silent
    - Maximum power

Easy to carry

Easy access to the condensate tank

Clearly arranged control panel

Swing function for an optimum air circulation

Technical data

VariantASF 100
Air flow rate max.150 m³/h
Operating humidity range45 to 100 % r.F.
Operating temperature range+1 to +40 °C
Power supply230/1~/50
Max. power consumption0.6 kW
Nominal current consumption max.2.6 A
Sound pressure level at 1m distance+34 to +48 dB(A)
Condensate container filling volume3 l
Dimensions H/W/D500/195/300 mm

Accessories / Spare parts

Für dieses Gerät wird kein Zubehör benötigt.



User manuals

Declarations of conformity

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