REMKO LTE SERIES Professional dehumidifiers

Variant EDV-Nr. Daily dehumidification output
LTE 50
LTE 50 with condensate pump
51 litre/day
LTE 60
LTE 60 with condensate pump
62 litre/day
LTE 80
LTE 80 with condensate pump
80 litre/day
LTE 120
LTE 120 with condensate pump
116 litre/day


REMKO LTE SERIES Professional dehumidifiers

No moist walls, musty smells and mould

Windows and doors can also only be insulated to a certain degree; normal moisture and humidity penetrate even through thick concrete walls. Dangerous moisture that leads more quickly to mould and rust than expected and damage deposited materials, electrical installations, perishables, files, and much more.

During the manufacturing of cement, mortar, plaster, and so on, large volumes of water are required for the hardening process. Even processed construction elements like bricks, gas cement, and so on may contain water to an extent that should not be underestimated. To prevent damage due to moisture and cost intensive work interruptions, the use of a dehumidifier is recommended.

Can even be used to dry laundry

REMKO dehumidifiers are perfectly suited for rooms in cellars, hobby rooms, conservatories, bathrooms, workrooms, recreation rooms, archives, warehouses, and so on. The mobile dehumidifier is easy to operate and guarantees constant, malfunction-free use around the clock.

  • Particularly easy service due to device structure
  • Compressor protection through start-up delay
  • Especially efficient with the use of a rotating-piston condenser
  • Very low operating costs
  • Plug-in-ready equipment design
  • Stackable
  • Very good handling with large wheels on a ball bearing and ergonomically shaped handles
  • Portable with very low intrinsic weight
  • Interference-free, constant use, even around the clock
  • Fully automatic electronic controls
  • Compact and thus easily transported in a car


Easy service due to device structure

Clearly arranged control panel

Technical data

Variant LTE 50
LTE 50 with condensate pump
LTE 60
LTE 60 with condensate pump
LTE 80
LTE 80 with condensate pump
LTE 120
LTE 120 with condensate pump
Dehumidifying performance total51 l62 l80 l116 l
Daily dehumidification output at 30°C/80% r.h.46,1 l54,2 l70,1 l102,4 l
Daily dehumidification output at 20°C/70% r.h.25,6 l31,9 l40,7 l62,5 l
Air flow rate, maximum380 m³/h465 m³/h490 m³/h960 m³/h
Condensate container filling volume10 l10 l10 l- l
Operational range (temperature)3-32 °C3-32 °C3-32 °C3-32 °C
Operational range (humidity)40-100 % rel. hum.40-100 % rel. hum.40-100 % rel. hum.40-100 % rel. hum.
Power supply230/1~/50 V/Ph/Hz230/1~/50 V/Ph/Hz230/1~/50 V/Ph/Hz230/1~/50 V/Ph/Hz
Total power input0,63 kW0,76 kW0,91 kW1,38 kW
Power input max.2,9 A3,6 A4,0 A6,8 A
RefrigerantR410A R410A R410A R410A
Refrigerant, basic amount0,42 kg0,54 kg0,75 kg1,27 kg
Refrigerant quantity420 g540 g750 g1270 g
GWP value2088 2088 2088 2088
CO2 Equivalent0,877 t1,128 t1,566 t2,65 t
Sound pressure level49 dB(A)53 dB(A)52 dB(A)53 dB(A)
Height incl. Handle945 mm945 mm945 mm967 mm
Dimensions h/w/d795/540/540 mm795/540/540 mm795/540/540 mm964/705/750 mm
Weight38 kg40,0 kg45,0 kg70,0 kg
Electronic start delaySerie Serie Serie Serie
operating hour counterSerie Serie Serie Serie
Current meterSerie Serie Serie Serie
Hot gas defrostingSerie Serie Serie Serie
HygrostatSerie Serie Serie Serie
Room temperature sensorSerie Serie Serie Serie
Condensate pumpOptional Optional Optional Optional
Dust filterSerie Serie Serie Serie

Accessories / Spare parts

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User manuals

Declarations of conformity

REMKO LTE 50 jpg, 1,239,251,000.0
Assembly drawings
REMKO LTE 50 jpg, 595,380,000.0


Does the unit have operating hour counter?
Yes, a digital operating hour counter is available.

Is a condensate pump integrated?
No, but one can be retrofitted at a small extra cost.

Can the unit also be operated without a condensate container?
Yes, after the removal of the condensate container, a condensate hose with an inner diameter of 12 mm can be connected.