High-performance fans The mobile power pack for construction and refurbishment

All-rounders on the construction site

In rough everyday work, they overcome every challenge. The high performance Turbo / Axial fans from REMKO are used for ventilation purposes in building construction and in building renovation. They ensure the transfer of cold and warm air and ensure the supply of fresh air.

If dust emissions occur during construction work, fans filter the air via a connecting dust bag. This reduces the dust load in the workplace and prevents further spreading of dust particles onto neighboring sites.

Useful additions for dehumidifying

Through optimal distribution of the room air, mobile high-performance fans increase the rate of evaporation. This speeds up the drying of the building after construction and renovation processes. The same applies to dehumidification after water damage due to pipe bursts or flooding.

These tough devices display an impressive high performance and a long service life. In conjunction with dehumidifiers and auxiliary heaters, they are a particularly effective means to significantly shorten the drying process.

Product range high-performance fans