High-performance fans The mobile power pack for construction and refurbishment
Compact helpers

REMKO high-performance fans can be used in a variety of ways at changing locations. Even in continuous operation, evaporation is accelerated with high reliability and the drying speed is increased. They are the ideal complement to REMKO dehumidifiers.

Product range high-performance fans
with turbo fan
RTV SERIES - Bild 62358

REMKO RTV SERIESHigh-performance fans with turbo fan

Ventilation capacity (2-stage): 1200-2600 m³/h
with axial fan
RAV 35 SERIES - Bild 56132

REMKO RAV 35 SERIESHigh-performance fans with axial fan

Ventilation capacity (2-stage): 1350/2900 m³/h