REMKO RAV 35 SERIES High-performance fans with axial fan

Variant EDV-Nr. Ventilation capacity (2-stage)
RAV 35 1610635 1350/2900 m³/h



The mobile power pack for construction and refurbishment

The combination of a powerful axial fan and thoroughly conceived accessories for the connection of air distributor hoses makes RAV 35 a particularly versatile solution for aeration and ventilation, air circulation and cold or hot air transport, even over longer distances. The RAV 35 high-performance fan was especially designed for hard practical requirements in rough, everyday work with high reliability, even in constant operation, at frequently changing areas of use.

RAV 35 is also ideal for the effective support of dehumidifiers in the drying of buildings under construction. Due to fast air movement, the layer of high air moisture on the material is broken up and the evaporation rate increases. Walls, ceilings, and floors thus dry faster! The higher the flow speed on the moist material surface, the faster the drying process takes place. Depending on the respective environment and temperature, the drying time can be drastically reduced by the combination of dehumidifiers and the RAV 35 high-performance fan. Through the use of additional fans, the evaporation is accelerated, whereby the drying process can be reduced by up to 50%.

  • Compact and powerful
  • High motor output and high pressure
  • 2 fan speeds for an optimum air volume
  • With integrated operating hours counter
  • With connection ports on both sides for blow out and intake
  • Problem-free transport despite robust construction
  • Very handy with carrying handle
  • Stackable and thus lower spatial requirement for storage and transport
  • Plastic housing for high robustness
  • Low maintenance
  • Host lengths up to max. 38 m possible
  • Optional dust bag for dust extraction

Technical data

Variant RAV 35
Design Axial-Ventilator
Air capacity 1.350/2.900 m³/h
Fan speeds 2
Pressure, max. 500 Pa
Power supply 230/1~/50 V/Ph/Hz
Power consumption, maximum 750 W
Current consumption, maximum 3,2 A
Fuse protection (on side) 10 A
Electrical protection class 44 IP
Conveyor temperature 40 °C
Hose connection diameter 300 mm
Hose length, maximum 38 m
Cable length (230V mains cable) 4,5 m
Dimensions h/w/d 440/380/420 mm
Weight 17 kg

Accessories / Spare parts

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Assembly drawings
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