Pool dehumidifiers Efficient room climate for pool and wellness areas

Regulate moisture properly

A healthy indoor climate plays an important role especially in swimming pool halls and whirlpool rooms. This is because the constant evaporation of warm water in such places leads to an overall higher humidity.

Permanently moist and humid air in indoor areas reduces well-being, fogs windows and can lead to damage to interiors due to condensation. Therefore, the use of special pool dehumidifiers is recommended for an undisturbed wellness experience.

Your personal indoor climate oasis

Design a resort with a perfect, feel-good climate for you and your guests. Whether in hotels and spas with their own wellness activities, fitness rooms or exclusive private baths with whirlpools or swimming pools - the high-quality equipment can be subtly integrated into any environment. They are easy to install and work almost noiselessly.

REMKO swimming pool dehumidifiers not only remove excess moisture from the air, but also clean it. With the SLN series you also have the option to install the swimming pool dehumidifier unobtrusively in the next room. Your REMKO dealer will advise you on the right choice of equipment and will find the optimal solution for your wellness area.

The technology in detail

The moist air from the pool area is drawn in with the aid of a quiet fan. The air cools below the dew point as it passes through the evaporator and the water vapour condenses into water, which can then be discharged. The air, which is now dry, then flows through the condenser and is heated and returned to the pool building or bathroom. The units can be easily cleaned by removing the front cover.

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