REMKO SLN SERIES Pool dehumidifiers

Daily dehumidification capacity (30°C, 80% r.h.)

REMKO SLN SERIES Pool dehumidifiers

Series SLN 45-85 has been designed for private pools, larger whirlpool installations, and other rooms with high humidity. The unit removes excessive humidity from the air and thereby provides a balanced and healthy room climate. With their modern design, the devices integrate discreetly into every room. You can update your pool without any problems with the low maintenance pool dehumidifiers from REMKO.

  • Easy installation
  • Easy-to-service structure
  • Up to 60% more economical than traditional ventilation and heating
  • Modern design
  • Problem-free continuous operation
  • Quiet operation through the use of highly efficient fans
  • Eliminates formation of spores and moulds
  • Prevents condensation on windows, walls and bathroom fixtures
  • Electronic hygrostat, installed
  • High ventilation capacity
  • RS485 interface for connection to external building control technology
  • USB port for readout of operating data
  • Cableless radio remote control for quick and uncomplicated surface mounting

The correct unit selection

The correct selection of a device depends mainly on the water surface of the pool. The graphic is only intended for general orientation. The exact selection of a unit depends on several factors, such as air and water temperature and frequency of use, as well as whether a cover is used over the pool area. For that reason, the selection should always be calculated by qualified expert personnel.

Orientation for unit election by pool size (m²)

Next-room set

With the SLN Series, you have the possibility to install the devices in the room next to the room to be dehumidified. The connection between the device and the room to be dehumidified is established through the air channel. Only ventilation louvres are visible in the pool area.

Set consists of:

  • 2x appliance connection adapters including pressure-tight plastic profile lips
  • 2x wall connections consisting of surface-coated steel plate for a wall thickness of max. 290 mm
  • 1x grille fitting connection for a non-screwed damp fitting of the supply-air grille
  • 1x grille fitting connection for a non-screwed damp fitting of the re-circulating air grille with an additional mounting frame for a re-circulating air filter
  • 2x air grilles made of powder-coated steel plating
  • 1x circulation air intake filter

Technical data

VariantSLN 45SLN 65SLN 85
Operating humidity range40 to 100 % r.F. 40 to 100 % r.F. 40 to 100 % r.F.
Operating temperature range+10 to +36 °C +10 to +36 °C +10 to +36 °C
Power supply230/1~/50 230/1~/50 230/1~/50
Max. power consumption0.9 kW 1.5 kW 1.8 kW
Nominal current consumption max.3.8 A 6.6 A 8 A
RefrigerantR407C R407C R407C
Sound pressure level at 1m distance+43 to - dB(A) +44 to - dB(A) +47 to - dB(A)
Dimensions H/W/D700/998/294 mm 700/1148/294 mm 700/1483/294 mm

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User manuals

REMKO SLN 45 jpg, 650,714,000.0