Mobile hot air heating systems Rapid heat adapted to your needs

Power packages for fast warmth

Mobile warm air heaters can be used flexibly. Since they are not firmly installed, they can be installed anywhere where the ambient air is to be heated quickly and safely. They are therefore ideal for temporary or point-accurate use. These powerful devices are ready for immediate use at the touch of a button and deliver instant heat without a long waiting time.

Portable and versatile

REMKO offers different solutions depending on the intended use. The mobile heaters can be powered either by electricity, gas, oil or hot water. In the gas and oil variant, a sufficient exhaust system is necessary. In addition, you can choose between the fresh air, mixed air or recirculation modes.

Fresh-air operation

The air to be heated is taken directly from the outside. In case of corresponding outside conditions, this method guarantees clean, unused air. Fresh air is brought into the room from outside (only ventilation, no heating) during fresh-air operation in the summer.

Mixed-air operation

According to the setting, more or less fresh air is suctioned in together with the room air. This method reduces heating costs because previously heated air from the heated room is used on the one hand and covers the necessary fresh-air requirement on the other.

Re-circulating air operation

The air is taken from the room being heated and blown into the same room again after heating. This method cases the lowest operating costs because only the previously heated room air is reheated and circulated. 

Product range mobile hot air heating systems

Electric heating systems

EST SERIES - Bild 817

REMKO EST SERIESElectrical infrared radiator

Rated thermal capacity: 2,0 kW
ELT SERIES - Bild 823

REMKO ELT SERIESElectric heating systems

Rated thermal capacity: 2,2 - 18,0 kW
ELT HT SERIES - Bild 54547

REMKO ELT HT SERIESHigh-temperature electric heating systems

Rated thermal capacity: 10,5 - 18,0 kW

Propane gas heating systems


REMKO PGM/PGT SERIESPropane gas heating systems

Rated thermal capacity: 10 - 100 kW

Hot water heating systems

Oil heating systems

DZH SERIES - Bild 978

REMKO DZH SERIESOil heating systems

Rated thermal capacity: 20 - 95 kW
ATK SERIES - Bild 1113

REMKO ATK SERIESOil heating systems

Rated thermal capacity: 22,5 kW

Oil/gas heating systems

CLK SERIES - Bild 1373

REMKO CLK SERIESOil/gas heating systems

Rated thermal capacity: 26,5 - 144,0 kW

Oil heating centres

HTL (EC) SERIES - Bild 1894

REMKO HTL (EC) SERIESOil heating centers

Rated thermal capacity: 77 - 350 kW

Heat requirement chart for heating systems

The diagram allows you to quickly determine the necessary heating power requirements of the hot air heating system to be used. It is based on a rough heat demand estimate for factories and similar buildings.

Heat requirement chart Determination of the necessary heating output