REMKO HTL (EC) SERIES Oil heating centers

Variant EDV-Nr. Rated thermal capacity
HTL 80
HTL 80 oil burner
77,0 kW
HTL 170
HTL 170 oil burner
143,0 kW
HTL 200 EC
HTL 200 EC oil burner
137/182 kW
HTL 250 EC
HTL 250 EC oil burner
146/201 kW
HTL 400
HTL 400 oil burner
245/350 kW


REMKO HTL (EC) SERIES Oil heating centres

Perfect design and capacity

The HTL heating centers fulfil all professional wishes. From the stainless steel design to the technically high-quality, special radial fans. Even in case of oversized warm air hose lengths, these devices don't lose power.

  • Lockable doors for control elements and burners
    HTL 200 EC, 250 EC and HTL 400
  • Maintenance-friendly due to removable side parts
  • Special radial fans
  • Automatic fan with direction of rotation control
  • Installed safety cut-outs
  • Fully automatic operation with room thermostat
  • Heating in winter, ventilation in summer
  • Stationary and transport handles



Heating centre with trailer, approved for street traffic

Technical data

VariantHTL 80HTL 80 oil burnerHTL 170HTL 170 oil burnerHTL 200 ECHTL 200 EC oil burnerHTL 250 ECHTL 250 EC oil burnerHTL 400HTL 400 oil burner
Nominal heat load max.84 kW84 kW155 kW155 kW150/200 kW150/200 kW160/220 kW160/220 kW270/385 kW270/385 kW
Nominal heat power77 kW77 kW143 kW143 kW137/182 kW137/182 kW146/201 kW146/201 kW245/350 kW245/350 kW
Air volume6.140 m³/h6.140 m³/h10.340 m³/h10.340 m³/h9.120/12.750 m³/h9.120/12.750 m³/h10.980/14.440 m³/h10.980/14.440 m³/h16.600/25.000 m³/h16.600/25.000 m³/h
Pressure, max. total410 Pa410 Pa520 Pa520 Pa400/760 Pa400/760 Pa560/870 Pa560/870 Pa500/1000 Pa500/1000 Pa
Fuel- Heizöl EL/Diesel - Heizöl EL/Diesel - Heizöl EL/Diesel - Heizöl EL/Diesel - Heizöl EL/Diesel
Fuel consumption max.- l/h8,3 l/h- l/h15,5 l/h- l/h14,9/19,9 l/h- l/h15,9/21,9 l/h- l/h28,0/39,0 l/h
Nozzle- USG1,75/60°S USG- USG3,00/80°S USG- USG3,5/80° USG- USG3,5/80° USG- USG6,0/80°H USG
Operating gas pressure- bar12 bar- bar13 bar- bar9/16 bar- bar10/18 bar- bar11/22 bar
Exhaust gas flow- kg/h136 kg/h- kg/h240 kg/h- kg/h235/320 kg/h- kg/h255/350 kg/h- kg/h450/625 kg/h
Exhaust gas loss max.- %9 %- %9 %- %9 %- %9 %- %9 %
Power supply230/1~/50 V/Ph/Hz230/1~/50 V/Ph/Hz400/3~N/50 V/Ph/Hz400/3~N/50 V/Ph/Hz400/3~N/50 V/Ph/Hz400/3~N/50 V/Ph/Hz400/3~N/50 V/Ph/Hz400/3~N/50 V/Ph/Hz400/3~N/50 V/Ph/Hz400/3~N/50 V/Ph/Hz
Total power input1,75 kW1,75 kW3,4 kW3,4 kW5,7 kW5,7 kW6,0 kW6,0 kW11,9 kW11,9 kW
Electr. nominal current consumption9,5 A9,5 A8,0 A8,0 A10,0 A10,0 A11,0 A11,0 A20,5 A20,5 A
Fuse protection (on side)16 A16 A16 A16 A3 x 16 A3 x 16 A3 x 16 A3 x 16 A32 A32 A
Sound pressure level62 dB(A)62 dB(A)65 dB(A)65 dB(A)66/75 dB(A)66/75 dB(A)69/77 dB(A)69/77 dB(A)78/83 dB(A)78/83 dB(A)
Ø air-inlet, accessory HTL400 mm400 mm500 mm500 mm550 mm550 mm600 mm600 mm- mm- mm
Air outlet Ø400 mm400 mm500 mm500 mm550 mm550 mm550 mm550 mm3 x 500 mm3 x 500 mm
Exhaust connection Ø150 mm150 mm200 mm200 mm200 mm200 mm200 mm200 mm300 mm300 mm
Dimensions h/w/d1060/655/2000 mm1060/655/2000 mm1250/785/2380 mm1250/785/2380 mm1370/800/2400 mm1370/800/2400 mm1370/800/2400 mm1370/800/2400 mm1880/1200/3850 mm1880/1200/3850 mm
Weight with oil-burner248 kg248 kg385 kg385 kg505 kg505 kg505 kg505 kg1.300 kg1.300 kg
Dimensions, Trailer h/w/d- mm- mm- mm- mm1.800/1.750/3.850 mm1.800/1.750/3.850 mm1.800/1.750/3.850 mm1.800/1.750/3.850 mm- mm- mm
Total weight- kg- kg- kg- kg750 kg750 kg750 kg750 kg- kg- kg

Accessories / Spare parts

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REMKO HTL 80 ohne Brenner jpg, 296,292,000.0
Assembly drawings
REMKO HTL 80 ohne Brenner jpg, 156,537,000.0

Heat requirement chart for heating systems

The diagram allows you to quickly determine the necessary heating power requirements of the hot air heating system to be used. It is based on a rough heat demand estimate for factories and similar buildings.

Heat requirement chart Determination of the necessary heating output