REMKO PGM/PGT SERIES Propane gas heaters

Rapid spot heating for indoor and outdoor use

The heating systems of the REMKO PGM and PGT series are designed for problem-free, reliable, all-round use.

For craftsmen at construction sites, workmen at workstations in well-ventilated factory halls, farmers, and gardeners

Even lighter, handier, and with improved technology in a portable or mobile design. Without exhaust gas losses, these devices can be used everywhere where fast spot heating outdoors or effective, immediate heat in closed, but well-ventilated rooms is desired.

Proven in farming and commercial gardening

The heating systems are used successfully by farmers and gardeners. Whether in well-ventilated stalls, equipment sheds, or greenhouses, their mobility makes them practical and universal. The heating systems are delivered ready for plug assembly. They are ready for operation after connection to the 230-volt a.c. mains and to propane gas cylinders for energy savings, the devices can be delivered in automatic design (PGT) with a room thermostat that is ready for plug assembly.

  • Servicing and maintenance friendly
  • Fully automatic control via room thermostat, optional
    (PGT series)
  • Multi-cylinder set for the connection of several gas cylinders, optional
  • Ready for immediate operation
  • Variable power control
  • 100% efficiency
  • Easy to transport
  • Heat-insulating, double housing made of zinc-coated sheet steel, powder coated

Built- in power regulation for infinitely variable power control

Installation example PGT 100 (INOX design)

Technical data

Variant PGM 30
PGM 60
PGT 30
PGT 60
PGT 100
Nominal heat load max.10 to 26 kW 25 to 55 kW 10 to 26 kW 25 to 55 kW 50 to 100 kW
FuelLiquid gas I3P Liquid gas I3P Liquid gas I3P Liquid gas I3P Liquid gas I3P
Connection/pump pressure1.5 bar 1.5 bar 1.5 bar 1.5 bar 1.5 bar
Power supply230/1~/50 230/1~/50 230/1~/50 230/1~/50 230/1~/50
Thermostat- - Accessories Accessories Accessories
Dimensions H/W/D410/260/450 mm 510/320/650 mm 410/260/450 mm 510/320/650 mm 620/435/1060 mm

Accessories / Spare parts



User manuals

Energy labels

REMKO PGM 30 jpg, 284,109,000.0
Assembly drawings
REMKO PGM 30 jpg, 91,319,000.0

Heat requirement chart for heating systems

The diagram allows you to quickly determine the necessary heating power requirements of the hot air heating system to be used. It is based on a rough heat demand estimate for factories and similar buildings.

Heat requirement chart Determination of the necessary heating output

Heat requirement chart