REMKO DVL SERIES Ceiling fans as a supplement to hot air heating systems

REMKO DVL SERIES Ceiling fans as supplement for hot air heating systems

Ceiling fans for reducing energy costs

Thermal dynamic pushes heat upward.
Result: Unused quantities of heat dam up near the ceiling. With the REMKO DVL 140 ceiling fan, this lost heat potential can be retrieved from the ceiling and returned to the work area. Valuable thermal energy is saved by this type of "heat recovery."

  • High ventilation capacity
  • Long service life
  • Quiet operation
  • Low energy costs
  • Single-phase a.c. motor, maintenance-free and malfunction-free for continuous operation
  • White housing, stove enamelled
  • Vibration-damping pendulum pipe suspension for low-vibration operation
  • Easy to assemble
  • Adjustable rotation speed (optional)



Based on the natural lift of hot air, most of the energy remains under the ceiling.



Through the use of a DVL ceiling fan, the warm air will be pushed downwards, constantly.

Technical data

VariantDVL 140DVL 140 K
Speed+300 / - +300 / -
Throw10 m 10 m
Power supply230/1~/50 230/1~/50
Max. power consumption0.075 kW 0.075 kW
Nominal current consumption max.0.35 A 0.35 A
Sound pressure level at 1m distance+52 to - dB(A) +52 to - dB(A)
Series colourWhite White

Accessories / Spare parts

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REMKO DVL 140 jpg, 62,758,000.0

Heat requirement chart for heating systems

The diagram allows you to quickly determine the necessary heating power requirements of the hot air heating system to be used. It is based on a rough heat demand estimate for factories and similar buildings.

Heat requirement chart Determination of the necessary heating output

Heat requirement chart