ARTdesign noise protection hoods Noise protection for heat pumps and air conditioners

Patented sound insulation for peace of mind

Noise protection is an important issue, especially in densely populated residential areas. For this reason, REMKO has developed the ARTdesign noise protection hood for effective noise reduction when installing heat pumps and air conditioning units outdoors. This patented construction method eliminates disturbing sound emissions and ensures peace and quiet.

Functionality in smart attire

In addition to its sound-absorbing properties, the ARTdesign noise protection hood has an impressive, appealing design. Heat pumps and air conditioning units are no longer perceived as ugly objects. Installation is possible even within narrow buildings. The function of the devices is not restricted in any way.

Individual adaptation

The noise protection hood can be installed afterwards. The REMKO air-conditions can also be equipped with the noise protection hood. An individual adaptation to many brand products is possible.

Multiple benefits ar guaranteed

The ARTdesign noise protection hood not only reduces the noise emissions, but also protects against vandalism and the effects of weather, such as hail, driving snow, sunlight, etc.

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