ARTstyle heat pumps Dynamic elegance. Whisper-quiet

Perfect technology

Not only the innovative design of the ARTstyle heat pump draws attention. State-of-theart technology with an inlet temperature up to 63°C guarantees cosy heat and comfortable domestic hot water heating.

Ideal for combination with floor heating and low-temperature heaters. Due the compact construction, the HTS series does not require a large mounting area. The costs for installation are reduced by the high percentage of premounted components.

Oasis of peace and quiet

Peace and quiet return to the outdoors. The noise-optimised device construction, the speed-controlled radial fan with EC technology according to ErP, and a newly developed blade geometry guarantee whisper-quiet operation. The sound power level is less than 35 dB(A). Due to the programmed night operation mode, the fan speed can be additionally reduced.

Product range ARTstyle heat pumps

ARTstyle heat pumps

Heat pump packages

HTS Frankfurt - Bild 28574

REMKO HTS Frankfurt

Area of use: heating: 1 - 23 kW
HTS Düsseldorf - Bild 28571

REMKO HTS Düsseldorf

Area of use: heating: 1 - 23 kW
HTS Cologne - Bild 28568


Area of use: heating: 1 - 23 kW
HTS Mannheim - Bild 28564

REMKO HTS Mannheim

Area of use: heating: 1 - 23 kW
HTS Stuttgart - Bild 28562

REMKO HTS Stuttgart

Area of use: heating: 1 - 23 kW

ARTstyle heat pumps indoor units Chilled water indoor units for cooling and heating

Low-temperature heating element

Wall-mounted units