REMKO HTS DUO SERIES Air/water system for heating and cooling

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REMKO HTS DUO SERIES Air/water system for heating and cooling

ARTstyle heat pumps

REMKO series HTS 200/260 Duo will captivate you with its unique design and the whisper-quiet operation of the outdoor unit, as well as the Inverter-Plus technology in the indoor unit. In this way, maximum efficiency and, in combination with a photovoltaic system, optimum energy consumption of the self-generated current are achieved. The cooling function is integrated by standard. Due to the cascade connection, high heating capacities can be implemented.

Profit from these advantages

  • Complete compact system consisting of indoor and outdoor units
  • Inverter-Plus technology
  • Effective domestic water preparation
  • Integrated solar control
  • Optimised use of photovoltaic current
  • Speed-controlled radial fan with EC technology in outdoor unit
    ErP Ready
  • Smart-Control Touch control system
    Use in the Smart-Grid intelligent power mains is possible
  • Hermetically sound insulated indoor unit housing for the minimisation of noise emissions
  • Integrated power-controlled circulation pump with EC technology for the supply of the buffer tank
  • Integrated electronic bypass valve for guaranteeing the minimum volume flow rate
  • Control of 4 mixed and 1 non-mixed heating circuits
  • Particularly noise-insulated scroll condenser in indoor unit
  • Intelligent, needs-based automatic defrost function
  • Noise-optimised outdoor unit
  • Switchover to night operation mode for additional reduction of noise
  • WI-FI ready
  • Smooth operation through cascade connection

Scope of supply

  • REMKO Smart-Control Touch - the intelligent control system
  • 2 indoor units
  • 4 outdoor units
  • 1 highly efficient, controlled heating circuit pump (per indoor unit)
  • Dirt filter (per indoor unit)
  • 2 shut-off valves and thermometer (per indoor unit)
  • Safety group with SIV, automatic bleeding valve and pressure gauge (per indoor unit)
  • Outdoor sensor/immersion probe

Technical data

Variant HTS 200 Duo ALU
HTS 260 Duo ALU
SystemAir/water Air/water
Operating modeHeating/cooling Heating/cooling
Inverter technologySeries Series
Preparation for domestic waterSeries Series
Number of outdoor/indoor units 4 / 2 4 / 2
Application limit, heating-20 to +45 °C -20 to +45 °C
Nominal heating capacity22.00 30.00
Heating capacity/COP for A7/W3531.00 kW/ 5.00 41.20 kW/ 5.00
Heating capacity/COP for A2/W3524.02 kW/ 3.90 34.82 kW/ 3.80
Cooling capacity/EER for A35/W7 20.8 kW/ 2.4 29.64 kW/ 2.5
Cooling capacity/EER for A35/W18 23.6 kW/ 3.7 31.54 kW/ 3.8
RefrigerantR 410A R 410A
Basic refrigerant filling volume2x 5.4 kg 2x 5.4 kg
Refrigerant piping connection per outdoor unit3/8 / 5/8 3/8 / 5/8
Power supply indoor unit400/3~/50 400/3~/50
Power supply outdoor unit230/1~/50 230/1~/50
Voltage supply for electrical heating element400/3~/N/50 400/3~/N/50
Nominal power consumption heating for A7/W352x 3.1 kW 2x 4.15 kW
Nominal current consumption heating for A7/W352x 5.12 A 2x 8.11 A
On-site fuse protection outdoor unit/indoor unit3x 16 3x 20
External maximum pressure loss, heating system80 / - kPa 80 / - kPa
Hydraulic connection supply/return flow1 1/4 1 1/4
Sound power level indoor unit/outdoor unit 52 / 54 dB(A) 53 / 56 dB(A)
Dimensions of indoor unit h/w/d1065/650/650 mm 1065/650/650 mm

Accessories / Spare parts

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