Brine heat pumps Heat from the ground

Highly efficient

The optimum output of the WSP series brine heat pumps highly efficiently supplies buildings with heat and hot water. The combination with a hot-water tank from the REMKO tank programme is possible.

Particularly quiet

The brine heat pumps guarantee quiet operation due to additional noise insulation measures in the indoor unit. An outdoor unit is not required for this system. Based on the lack of noise development of an outdoor unit, the brine heat pump is ideal for use in densely populated residential areas.

The ground is an excellent heat reservoir

It is heated throughout the year with sunshine and precipitation and can be used as a natural source of energy. The energy is taken from the ground either through surface collectors laid close to the surface or ground probes that extend deeply into the ground.

Ground probes

The ground probes are inserted into the ground through vertical boreholes. They are ideally suited if not enough space is available. The number of required drilling metres depends on the quality of the ground and the heat requirement. Ground probes are fundamentally notifiable – and even require official approval in individual cases. Only certified companies may perform this kind of drilling.

Surface collectors

When surface collectors are used, sufficient laying area must be available in the garden. At a depth of 120 to 150 cm blow the surface of the earth, pressure-resistant plastic pipes must be laid in several loops. Brine – a mixture of anti-frost and water – circulates in the pipes. The energy accumulated in the ground is transferred to this brine circuit. The brine dissipates the heat to the heating system through the heat pump. The size of the collector surface must be approximately twice as large as the heated surface.

Product range brine heat pumps

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