The energy-saving package is suitable for the integration of solar thermal systems or combustible solid fuel burners for heating and domestic water support. With the fin-tube heat exchanger (special accessory) RWT 31, collector surfaces from approx. 8 to 15 m² can be connected. The domestic water preparation takes place with a 800 litre or 1000 litre buffer tank and electronically regulated fresh water station using the hygienic flow method. With this heat pump package, both bivalently alternating and monovalently operated systems can be accommodated. The separate pump subassemblies HGM/HGU (can be ordered separately) for the heating circuits are equipped with a high-efficiency pump regulated in a needs-based manner.

Package consisting of:

  • Heat pump WSP including REMKO Smart-Control Touch
  • Multifunctional buffer tank MPS 800 (800 litres) or MPS 1000 (1000 litres)
  • Electrically regulated fresh water station EFS 21
  • 2x 3-way changeover valve
  • Immersion probe and collector probe

Multifunctional buffer tank MPS 800 or MPS 1000

3-way changeover valve, 5/4"

Fresh water station EFS 21, complete with pump and flow switch

Collector probe

Immersion probe

Variant WSP 80 (MPS 800)
WSP 80 (MPS 1000)
WSP 110 (MPS 800)
WSP 110 (MPS 1000)
WSP 140 (MPS 800)
WSP 140 (MPS 1000)
WSP 180 (MPS 800)
WSP 180 (MPS 1000)
SystemBrine-to-water Brine-to-water Brine-to-water Brine-to-water
Operating modeHeating/hot water Friwa Heating/hot water Friwa Heating/hot water Friwa Heating/hot water Friwa
Nominal heating capacity6.0-5.0 kW 8.0-7.0 kW 11.0-9.0 kW 17.0-15.0 kW
Energy efficiency rating for heatingA+++/A+++ A+++/A++ A+++/A+++ A+++/A++
Heating capacity/COP for B0/W355.7 kW/ 4.68 7.9 kW/ 4.78 10.8 kW/ 4.88 17.2 kW/ 5.15
On-site fuse protection, heat pump, compressor A Träge A Träge A Träge A Träge

WSP 80 jpg, 142,560,000.0
REMKO WSP 80 jpg, 306,296,000.0
3-Wege Umschaltventil 5/4" jpg, 223,055,000.0
Frischwasserstation EFS 20.1 jpg, 1,244,409,000.0
Multifunktions-Pufferspeicher MPS 800 jpg, 69,768,000.0
Temperaturfühler PT 1000 jpg, 157,020,000.0
Kollektorfühler jpg, 206,370,000.0
WSP 80 jpg, 190,577,000.0
REMKO WSP 80 jpg, 96,321,000.0
REMKO WSP 80 jpg, 68,957,000.0
REMKO WSP 80 jpg, 190,577,000.0