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REMKO WSP Mannheim

Variant EDV-Nr. Area of use: heating
WSP 80 257500 6 kW
WSP 110 257510 8 kW
WSP 140 257520 10 kW
WSP 180 257530 17 kW



Heat pump package type Mannheim

If the heat pump is intended to serve as a sole heat generator, this heat pump package is the ideal solution. This appliance is perfectly suited in connection with underfloor heating or modern heaters. The additional KWS 300 combination buffer tank is used for the hydraulic volume increase or decoupling of large volume flow rates. Optionally, a cooling function for the summer can be implemented using the cooling module (accessory). In this package, the drinking water preparation takes place in an enamelled KWS 300 drinking water tank. With this heat pump package, monovalent systems can be implemented.

Package consisting of:

  • Heat pump WSP
  • Buffer tank for cooling and heating water KWS 300 (300 litres)
  • 3-way changeover valve
  • Electronic overflow valve

Hydraulic system diagram of Mannheim Example for monoenergetic or alternative bivalent operation

Technical data

VariantWSP 80WSP 110WSP 140WSP 180
Area of use: heating3 bis 6 kW6 bis 8 kW8 bis 10 kW10 bis 17 kW
Operating modeHeizen/WW Heizen/WW Heizen/WW Heizen/WW
Inverter technology- - - -
SystemSole/Wasser Sole/Wasser Sole/Wasser Sole/Wasser
Buffer tank for hydraulic integration in return necessaryextern 100 lextern 100 lextern 100 lextern 100 l
DHW storage tankextern 300 lextern 300 lextern 300 lextern 300 l
Nominal heating capacity6,0/5,0 kW8,0/7,0 kW11,0/9,0 kW17,0/15,0 kW
Energy efficiency rating for heatingA+++/A+++ A+++/A++ A+++/A+++ A+++/A++
Rated heating capacity / COP for B0/W355,70/4,68 kW/-7,90/4,78 kW/-10,80/4,88 kW/-17,20/5,15 kW/-

Accessories / Spare parts


WSP 80 jpg, 374,290,000.0
REMKO WSP 80 jpg, 306,296,000.0
Kombipufferspeicher KWS 300 jpg, 767,261,000.0
3-Wege Umschaltventil 5/4" jpg, 223,055,000.0
Elektronisches Überstromventil jpg, 222,214,000.0
WSP 80 jpg, 190,577,000.0
REMKO WSP 80 jpg, 96,321,000.0
REMKO WSP 80 jpg, 68,957,000.0
REMKO WSP 80 jpg, 190,577,000.0