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REMKO WSP SERIES Brine-to-water system for heating and cooling

Variant EDV-Nr. Area of use: heating
WSP 80 257080 6 kW
WSP 110 257110 8 kW
WSP 140 257140 10 kW
WSP 180 257180 17 kW


REMKO WSP SERIES Brine/water system for heating and cooling

Heat and air-conditioning reliably with geothermal energy

With the brine heat pump of the WSP series, REMKO offers a compact system by means of which the use of geothermal heat can be implemented for effective heating, domestic water heating and optional, passive cooling. Geothermal heat can be extracted by deep drilling or surface collectors. The system permits a high heating comfort outdoors without operating noises. Due to high inlet temperatures up to 60 °C, the WSP brine heat pump can also be optimally used for energetic renovation in old buildings.

Profit from these advantages

  • No outdoor operating noises
  • High inlet temperatures up to 60 °C
  • Effective heating, preparation for domestic water and passive cooling optionally available
  • Use of geothermal energy by means of deep drilling or surface collectors
  • Remote access possible via the REMKO Smart Web Portal
  • Smart-Serv 9 kW for emergency heating operation optional
  • Integrated solar control
  • Optimised use of photovoltaic current - Smart Heating/Cooling
  • Control of 2 mixed and 1 non-mixed heating circuits
  • REMKO Smart-Control Touch
    Use in the Smart-Grid intelligent power mains is also possible
  • Especially noise-insulated scroll condenser in indoor unit
  • Hermetically noise-insulated indoor unit housing for the minimisation of power losses and noise emissions
  • Integrated power-controlled circulation pumps with EC technology for the supply of the heating system and heat source
  • WI-FI ready

Scope of supply

  • REMKO Smart-Control Touch - the intelligent control system
  • 1 highly efficient, controlled heating circuit pump
  • 1 heat source pump with highly efficient control
  • 4 shut-off valves
  • Dirt filter for heating circuit and heat source
  • 2 safety groups with SIV, automatic bleeding valve and pressure gauge
  • Outdoor sensor/immersion probe

Technical data

VariantWSP 80WSP 110WSP 140WSP 180
Area of use: heating3 bis 6 kW6 bis 8 kW8 bis 10 kW10 bis 17 kW
VersionMonobloc Monobloc Monobloc Monobloc
Operating modeHeizen/WW Heizen/WW Heizen/WW Heizen/WW
Inverter technology- - - -
SystemSole/Wasser Sole/Wasser Sole/Wasser Sole/Wasser
heatpump managerSmart Control Touch Smart Control Touch Smart Control Touch Smart Control Touch
Buffer tank for hydraulic integration in return necessaryextern 100 lextern 100 lextern 100 lextern 100 l
electric booster heatingOptional 9 kWOptional 9 kWOptional 9 kWOptional 9 kW
Number of indoor units1 1 1 1
Nominal heating capacity6,0/5,0 kW8,0/7,0 kW11,0/9,0 kW17,0/15,0 kW
Energy efficiency rating for heatingA+++/A+++ A+++/A++ A+++/A+++ A+++/A++
Seasonal space heating energy efficiency175/153 %178/125 %181/159 %213/134 %
Power consumption, yearly, heating2594/2675 kWh3600/4354 kWh4723/4646 kWh6430/8755 kWh
Rated heating capacity / COP for B0/W355,70/4,68 kW/-7,90/4,78 kW/-10,80/4,88 kW/-17,20/5,15 kW/-
Rated heating capacity / COP for B0/W555,20/2,60 kW/-6,9/2,70 kW/-9,20/2,75 kW/-15,0/2,80 kW/-
Heat source operating limit heating-10 bis +25 °C-10 bis +25 °C-10 bis +25 °C-10 bis +25 °C
Min. required power of the heat source5,0 kW7,0 kW9,0 kW15,0 kW
Max supply temperature, heating water heat pump60 °C60 °C60 °C60 °C
Passive cooling (source) operating limit+5 bis +18 °C+5 bis +18 °C+5 bis +18 °C+5 bis +18 °C
Nominal cooling capacity10,0 kW10,0 kW12,0 kW12,0 kW
Min. flow temperature cooling water heat pump+15 °C+15 °C+15 °C+15 °C
External maximum pressure loss (heating system)50 kPa40 kPa80 kPa60 kPa
External maximum pressure loss heat source 30% glycol70 kPa60 kPa70 kPa60 kPa
Refrigerant410A 410A 410A 410A
Refrigerant filling volume1,0 kg1,4 kg2,6 kg2,8 kg
CO2 equivalent2,1 t2,9 t5,4 t5,8 t
Max. operating pressure, water3 bar3 bar3 bar3 bar
Voltage supply for heat pump400/3/N/50 V/Ph/Hz400/3/N/50 V/Ph/Hz400/3/N/50 V/Ph/Hz400/3/N/50 V/Ph/Hz
Voltage supply for electrical heating element400/3/N/50 V/Ph/Hz400/3/N/50 V/Ph/Hz400/3/N/50 V/Ph/Hz400/3/N/50 V/Ph/Hz
Smart-Control power supply230/1/N/50 V/Ph/Hz230/1/N/50 V/Ph/Hz230/1/N/50 V/Ph/Hz230/1/N/50 V/Ph/Hz
On-site fuse protection heat pump3x16 A slow-acting3x16 A slow-acting3x16 A slow-acting3x20 A slow-acting
Max . Power consumption heat pump3,75 kW4,99 kW6,25 kW7,50 kW
Nominal power consumption heating for B0/W351,22 kW1,76 kW2,21 kW3,33 kW
Rated power consumption heating for B0/W352,35 A2,85 A3,60 A5,40 A
Nominal power consumption source pump70 W90 W100 W110 W
Nominal volume flow rate heating B0/W350,9 m³/h1,4 m³/h1,6 m³/h2,5 m³/h
Nominal volume flow rate heat soruce B0/W351,2 m³/h1,9 m³/h2,1 m³/h3,3 m³/h
Hydraulic connection heating system/heat source1/1 inch1/1 inch1 1/4 / 1 1/4 inch1 1/4 / 1 1/4 inch
Pipeline diameter to be used on site, Cu pipe28 mm28 mm35 mm35 mm
Sound power level LwA heat pump42 dB(A)44 dB(A)45 dB(A)46 dB(A)
Sound pressure level LpA 1m heat pump34 dB(A)39 dB(A)40 dB(A)41 dB(A)
standard color outdoorunit heat pump9006 9006 9006 9006
Dimensions of heat pump h/w/d1065/650/650 mm1065/650/650 mm1065/650/650 mm1065/650/650 mm
Weight heat pump175 kg185 kg200 kg210 kg

Accessories / Spare parts

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REMKO WSP 80 jpg, 306,296,000.0
REMKO WSP 80 jpg, 96,321,000.0
REMKO WSP 80 jpg, 68,957,000.0
REMKO WSP 80 jpg, 190,577,000.0