Hot-water heat pumps Cost-saving hot-water preparation - installed quickly and easily

Saving energy made easy

A hot water heat pump is used exclusively for drinking water and can be operated independently of the actual heating system. It uses free heat from the surrounding air to heat water for bathing or hand washing.

Use waste heat sensibly

Upon choosing a hot water heat pump, you are choosing an environmentally friendly and economical way of producing hot water - at a manageable cost. Situated in rooms with heat generators, the hot water heat pump utilizes the waste heat energy produced to heat drinking water. The heat of the boiler room no longer lost unused, but is redirected into the integrated hot water storage tank. At the same time, dehumidification of the basement rooms is carried out.

Easy installation

Since the compact device is delivered ready to plug in, the effort of installation is comparatively low. Only a connection to the water pipe and a socket are required.

Can be combined with PV and other heat generators

A hot water heat pump with a 300 l tank is suitable for use in a detached house. Particularly useful is the combination with an existing photovoltaic system, so that the self-generated electricity can be used for hot water. The RBW PV-S version also allows connection to a solar thermal system or a conventional boiler.

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Hot-water heat pumps