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REMKO RBW PV SERIES Air/water system for hot-water preparation

REMKO RBW PV SERIES Air/water systen for hot water preparation

Hot-water preparation from the environment

Up to 70% of the heat energy is cost-free heat from the ambient air. This goes easy on the household budget and the environment. With the cool exhaust air, adjacent rooms can be air-conditioned and dehumidified. Of particular advantage is installation in rooms that are already subject to dissipation heat due to heat generators. The REMKO hot-water heat pump RBW is ready to plug in. Rapid and easy installation is guaranteed.

  • Enamelled hot-water tank, 300 liter contents
  • Quiet operation due to lobetype compressor
  • Electric booster heating 1,5 kW
  • Combination with Solar and other heat generators
  • Low spatial requirements
  • Air-conditioning and dehumidification of adjacent rooms
  • Channel connection up to 6 m possible
  • Double corrosion protection due to magnesium anode
  • With photovoltaic contact to increase the instrinsic current consumption
  • Actuation of the "Solar" changeover valve for heating support

Touch screen controller

With the intuitive touch-screen controller, the calling of all setting possibilities is child's play:

  • Adjustment of the water temperature
  • Timer function
  • Vacation program
  • ECO mode
  • Hybrid mode
  • Legionella function
  • Ventilation function
  • Solar control
  • Smart-Heating (photovoltaic) function

Solar plant connection

The RBW PV-S design is alsoprovided with a heat exchangerfor the connection of a thermalsolar system. Ideal with the REMKO solar set RSK 25-5.

Compressed-air supply

Mounting at low ceiling heights is possible due to the laterally installed compressed air supply.

Technical data

VariantRBW 301 PVRBW 301 PV-S
Storage typeRBW 301 PV RBW 301 PV-S
DesignMonobloc Monobloc
functionWarmwasserbereitung Warmwasserbereitung
Net domestic water volume287 l280 l
TestingErP ErP
Gross domestic water volume300 l300 l
systemLuft/Wasser Luft/Wasser
Tap profileXL XL
heatpump managerTouchscreen-Regler Touchscreen-Regler
electric booster heatingStandard 1,5 kWStandard 1,5 kW
Domestic water preparationmax 60 °Cmax 60 °C
DHW storage tank300 l300 l
Operating limit, heating-7 bis +40 °C-7 bis +40 °C
Insulation typePUR-Isolierung PUR-Isolierung
Heating capacity1,8 kW1,8 kW
Energy efficiency rating heatingA+ A+
Connections3/4 inch3/4 inch
Power consumption, yearly, heating1087 kWh1087 kWh
Connection size CW/HW3/4 inch3/4 inch
Heat exchanger surface1,5 m²
COP according to ErP3,72 3,72
Energy efficiency classA+ A+
Max. operating pressure drinking water7 bar7 bar
Max. operating pressure heating water3 bar3 bar
RefrigerantR 134A R 134A
Max. operating temperature hot water60 °C60 °C
Refriegrant charge1,25 kg1,25 kg
CO2 Equivalent1,79 t1,79 t
Height with insulation1840 mm1840 mm
Diameter with insulation640 mm640 mm
Power supply Indoorunit230/1~/50 V/Ph/Hz230/1~/50 V/Ph/Hz
Tilt height with insulation1890 mm1890 mm
Weight136 kg142 kg
Max. operating pressure water3 bar
Soundpowerlevel Indoorunit/outdoor unit57/- dB(A)57/- dB(A)
Soundpressure LpA 1m Indoorunit/outdoor unit45/- dB(A)45/- dB(A)
Dimensions indoor unit1840/640 mm1840/650 mm
Weight indoor unit / outdoor unit136/- kg142 kg

Accessories / Spare parts

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